More signed copies in the post

If you ordered a signed copy over the weekend, it went into the mail today. The guys at the post office now know me by name. I almost couldn’t carry everything in a single load.

I’ve changed one thing with the signed copies. There’s now a link above each book once you go to the order page asking you to email me if you live outside the United States. I basically lose money on books I ship off to Canada, the UK, Australia, etc… I had no reason to change anything when I was shipping a book a month to these places, but now it’s a few each week. I’ll still make sure I’m barely scraping by on the signed copies, but I’ll need a few extra bucks PayPaled my way to cover the cost. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone; it’s just a function of where I live and where you live and the bastards who set the porting prices.

7 responses to “More signed copies in the post”

  1. As an Australian, sounds fair to me!

    1. It doesn’t sound topsy-turvy to you?

  2. Can’t wait to get it! I will post a picture once it is here.

  3. Extra shipping charges to Canada or any other country is expected by most individuals who have business dealings with individuals and businesses in the USA.

  4. Yeah, exactly as Taselander above me said, we are used to it, I am used to paying anywhere between $10 and $20 for postage…

    1. Well, I would never charge that much! I think it costs me 5-something to ship the first WOOL (which is very light). I would guess it might be twice that for the Omnibus.

  5. Thought this was a great screen grab for the scrapbook.

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