The first chapter of the next silo story

I’m dying to throw the rough draft of the first chapter up here. Would that be bad form? And it’s still looking like late March before it’s ready.

14 responses to “The first chapter of the next silo story”

  1. If you are asking us, we will all tell you to post it! Late March seems so close, yet so far…

  2. Anyone who suggests that it would be bad form should be sent out for cleaning duties!

  3. Bad form? Who cares? However, I wouldn’t want to read it until you deem it officially done and polished.

  4. I agree will Jill… Post it! XD

  5. On one hand, us wool junkies need our fix. On the other, that would just be like teasing us with an appetizer when we can smell the enteree and dessert cooking. Damn, I’m famished.

  6. Post it. Dying to read it.

  7. I don’t know. Do you really want everyone to see your writing at its roughest? I mean, you might want to consider only sharing it with those who are familiar with your early drafts.

    (See what I did there?)

  8. :P

    My rough drafts rock, and you know it.

    (and no, you aren’t getting any. Not until Amber tells me it isn’t complete garbage.)

  9. So, Amber, please go ahead and tell Hugh that the first chapter is absolutely amazing (which I’m sure it is ;-))…

  10. So… where is the chapter, man? My addiction needs feeding!

  11. It really is boring, you guys. I’ll save you from suffering through it. For now.

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