Pre-Order Your Signed Copy of the LEGACY Today!

I’m ordering the first batch right now, and the Amazon page should be up in a week or so. If you want a signed copy of the first edition, pre-order soon so I’ll know how many of these bad boys to buy! For readers outside the US, please email me so we can work out the extra postage. For everyone else, shipping is only a few bucks, which includes the padded mailer, the freight, and me and my puppy-dog driving your precious book to the Post Office!

Pre-Order Now!

7 responses to “Pre-Order Your Signed Copy of the LEGACY Today!”

  1. But but but… I is broke… why didn’t you say you were gonna do this like last week???

  2. officially pre ordered!!…hmmm, wonder if your books are more awesome as actual paper books?!?…going to also put the paperback omnibus edition on my future gift list! easier to loan out and share the adventure! now pardon me, i need to go sit by the mailbox…

  3. Nicole (nisays) Avatar

    I can’t decide if I want to pre-order! My Kindle Fire is supposed to have a purpose, right? … Guys?

    1. There’s one to collect and one to read!

  4. ok – Randy’s is ordered – hurry – he’s driving me nuts with questions, but hates reading on the kindle…..

  5. It’ll be a week or so. I have to get my copies from the printer, first.

  6. I won’t let it leak out that I went to pre-order for my Kindle and it downloaded right away.

    Just gonna keep it hush hush :)

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