More Fan Awesomeness.

I absolutely adore this. More from Nisays:

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  1. You’re welcome! Jerry provided such a great floor plan that looking at it just gave me the idea. There are radioactive symbols everywhere for this series and I thought that marrying the two more prominent features could result in a “symbol” in a way. Glad you like it! Got to thank Jerry too!

    I start sporting around a ceramic mug indicating I’m ready for the world to end soon. :D

  2. Just made fb cover….to bad the prep is cut off.

  3. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but I found it really interesting:

  4. Also… why do people keep making my contributions look bad?

    1. Oh, Kitten, stop your hissing! You know you got talent. ;)

  5. …Do I??? XD But anywho… I like this… It would look good on a shirt… or poster… you need to start making posters… I would buy them…

  6. Wasn’t it Kitten who first submitted something? As far as I know, he started it all!

    1. Kitten starts everything around here.

  7. I’m gonna need this on a tshirt please. Thank you.

  8. I start thing… I just rarely finish them! XD (No, my project is going along swimmingly Hugh… I will finish that!)
    Or finish them with as much style! XP

    Also… yes… shirt…

  9. I can’t stop looking at this…

  10. Nicole (nisays) Avatar

    @Kitten: Posters? Now there’s an idea.

  11. I know right… there are many ideas I have for some good block mounts and stuff… also… the above picture would be awesome as a block mount… make it take up 2/3 of the poster with a black background in landscape… that would look epic!

  12. @Kitten: Hmm, I can try coming up with that and you can see how it looks on a block mount? Maybe I’ll make a couple different ones and you can see what looks good? Is there a way I can contact you later?

  13. It would be cool to have a little person standing outside of the airlock above the “O.” A top-down perspective. Not sure how to do that or what it would look like.

  14. I know what you’re talking about. I’ll take a crack at it when I get home later today.

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