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Unless you’re peering at this post through a straw, you’ve probably noticed a smattering of reviews have invaded the site. That’s right, I now have a page of reviews. Check out the link on the sidebar over there. No, to the left. Down a little. Back up. Yeah, there! I know, I coulda been a champ and added a hyperlink to this entry, but hand-holding nurtures sissies. I need my readers to grow up.

To get things started, I’ve put up a handful of my old reviews from the now-defunct CrimeCritics site. I’ll be posting a mixture of old and new as I read or watch anything worth recommending. Books, movies, TV shows, comics, dinner theater… anything that moves me is fair game.

The plan for now is to display anything I review with a simple piece of cover-art. Once I get more than twenty or so reviews up, I’ll move some to a second page, and constantly bump stuff down with new entries. I’m not sure how slow a page with 20 thumbs will be to load, but c’mon, nobody reads this stuff besides me, anyway. Right?

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