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San Antonio Meet-Up!

Okay, we have a place and a time. This Saturday, the 31st of August, at 7:00PM at Sazo’s. Here’s the website for the joint. It’s right at the Marriott Riverwalk, which is very close to the site of WorldCon. We’ll hang out for a couple of hours, and if anyone is up for it and there for WorldCon, A CABIN IN THE WOODS is playing at 9:15 back at the convention center. But we’ll play it by ear.

Comment below if you can come. If it looks like we’ll have a dozen or so, I’ll see about getting a large table or a room reserved. Spread the word!

UPDATE: So, the restaurant is INSIDE the Marriott Rivercenter (there are two Marriotts next to each other). Go inside the lobby, up the escalators, and there it is. We’ll be in the back.

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*Falling out of my chair in excitement*

I’LL BE THERE!!! Even if it means driving like a hellion from New Braunfels to get there in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be there. My wife sorely wishes she could make it, but is stuck on night shift. I think she might die from happiness if you signed our kindle though…

I live in Austin, finished Dust Tuesday morning after a sleepless night filled with unanswered questions, and am just noticing this now. Dangit…..

I will be there. Will you have any books/posters with you. I would like to get your autograph but I have all of your books on my kindle.

I’ll be there with my daughter and her friend in tow. They are huge fans and wouldn’t miss it.

Hugh, as it turns out my schedule is back on track because we had some unforeseeable complications at work. My husband also got called out. So, if you have a count you can, unfortunately, remove two people from it. It’s dreadful really because we’re both engineers and wanted to ask you some technical questions about the silos as well as just see what you had to say. Hopefully you’ll be in San Antonio again and we can meet you then.

Kicking myself, won’t be able to make it. Have a great WorldCon and fun meet-up, Hugh and all.

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