Party Crashing!

The most exciting part of this adventure was hanging out in a playground outside the restaurant while I waited for them to get seated. There was a train there for the kids to ride and jungle gyms and what-not. So there I am, creeping around in a blue jumpsuit with a camera, hiding behind trees and buildings, and looking suspicious as hell. After a few minutes of this, I realized parents were clutching their children and looking at me suspiciously. Luckily, I got in the restaurant before the cops came.

12 responses to “Party Crashing!”

  1. Hope they bought you dinner at least

    1. I picked up dinner. And then they got the ice cream sundaes that we had after! :)

  2. Awesome thing, very funny,….

    Welldone HugH!

    But only 5 women at Dust-release-party??? If your success goes on in a few years they can book the complete cafe ^^

    1. There were only 5 of us, because we didn’t invite anyone else. If we had invited all of his local fans that we know of we could have filled the restaurant and then some, but we might have had trouble convincing them to get into their cars in the middle of the party and drive to the restaurant. The restaurant was never part of the party plan, we (ok – just me) were tricked into going to the restaurant to meet someone who wasn’t able to make the rest of the party. We all drove down, had dinner with Hugh and then went back to the party. It was crazy.

      1. 0:) —- Love ya!!!

  3. That is so awesome that you’d take time out of your day to crash a party!
    This kind of makes me want to get involved in some of my favorite authors release parties… if only the fans weren’t scattered all over the world :)

  4. personally, I think this is your best blog post ever!

  5. Best surprise ever! Am a little bit jealous here【ツ】

  6. Even if Hugh was a jerk I’d still read his stuff because it’s so good :) but it is so cool that this amazing writer is such a cool guy too! You’re a class act Hugh. That was amazing.

  7. Awesome – love it. :D

  8. Oh that’s just fantastic!!! They must have been absolutely tickled, love it!! :D :D

  9. […] um in einem Einkaufszentrum Leser bei einer Releaseparty für Dust zu überraschen. Für seine Fans stellt er das Video später auf seine Website. Er berichtet ironisch davon, wie er vor dem Restaurant auf einem Spielplatz auf seinen Einsatz […]

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