Signed Limited Editions of MISTY

Cool news! In addition to the paperback and digital editions of MISTY, we’re also doing a limited edition hardback. There will be 1,000 copies of these, and all of them will be signed! Should cost an arm and a leg, right? Wrong. $14.99. Exactly what I’d charge if I didn’t scribble all in your book.

The link to pre-order the hardback is here.

There’s also a paperback pre-order page here.

A video of what signing all these inserts looks like (and a Bella cameo) below:


Wow! You all have jumped the Hardback up to #947 in all of books. I’m a little worried we didn’t plan on enough of these signed hardbacks. If we run out, I’ll do everything I can to try and get another 1,000 ordered, and I’ll sign those as well. I’ll make sure they’re marked as a second printing or something, so those of you who got in early can gloat. :)

**UPDATE 2** It’s now at #379 in all of books!

Misty HB 947 (Copy)

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  1. Hugh, I’m curious as to how you went about publishing the hardcover and paperback editions of this book. Are you self-publishing, or going through a traditional print publisher? If self, who are you using to print the book, and how are you managing the logistics of distribution? How are you physically managing the signing of the books? Will there ever be an ebook version, and for what formats? Would love to know all the details.

    1. There will be an ebook. I haven’t set up the page yet. This is all self-pub. I don’t know how the print distribution will go. Probably just online. The paperback will start as an offset and then move to a POD.

      1. Thanks, Hugh. So you had a bunch of copies printed up first, shipped to you, then you sign them, and send them to Amazon’s warehouse? And then you will keep shipping to Amazon as sales require? Only Amazon at first?

        I’ve always been curious as to whether that’s easy or difficult to do. Especially with children’s books, which I’m interested in writing as well. Would love to hear more about the logistics of all this as you move along. And even the general notion of printing up books through a printer, and shipping them to Amazon, rather than using Createspace and POD. Why would you switch over to POD? Isn’t it more expensive? Or is it just the hassle of shipping books you want to avoid?

        1. If you go to Hugh’s Youtube channel you can learn a lot more. They send him only the pages that need signing, he returns them and they insert them while binding.

        2. First, congrats, Hugh from a fellow self-published children’s author :-) We did meet very briefly at London Book Fair this year but hardly enough to exchange words. I’m in the Alliance of Independent Authors and good friends with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn.

          Brokenyogi – I’m in London UK and have written quite an extensive blog post on Self-publishing a children’s picture book here. >>

          My post includes some of the distribution questions you ask about. I didn’t do hardback but I did do a short digital run of my own stock (shock horror!) to get the silk paper interior needed for bookshops, and which I also take into schools. That apart I’ve self-published two graphic novels and a fiction story for 8-11 without illustrations. I’ve written separately on the blog about marketing and distributing those.

          I do relatively well in terms of children’s book sales – volumes for which are far far lower than for adults and YA in the trad world even, unless you’re Julia Donaldson etc- so be warned! (For example, I’ve sold over 7,000 -8,000 all told for my titles between print and kindle, which I’ve been told is very good compared with many mid list trad published authors. And I am stocked in local bookshops and local branches of Waterstones in London where I’ve had signings. But for the most part, selling print children’s books is very much about face to face events and school visits. Something special such as Hugh’s limited editions signed copies will also work if you have a large fan base. On that note, I’m sure Hugh will break all barriers and catch up fast!

          Hugh – To digress briefly, I’m currently reading The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe (Japanese author – published 1964- pulled from my parents’ bookshelves). I’ve not read Sand but keep thinking of you! Have you read it? If not I’d highly recommend it – you’ll never see sand in the same way again! Check out the blurb…

  2. Just ordered it! Yay! Really looking forward to it.

  3. What is the age range for this book?

    1. 2 and up. I’m sure advanced 14-month-olds will love it as well. :)

  4. Amazon has it at $14.24 right now. :)

  5. This reminds me of the video that you posted a while back about the U.K. edition of “Sand” with the cool cover and dust jacket. It was nice to see but you never said where we could get it in the U.S.A. (I even asked you but you never got back to me… away on one of your many globetrotting trips, no doubt. :-) ) However, I have tracked it down here:

    It is a little expensive because it is signed and imported, but at least we can get it. (I’m not a collector so I wasn’t looking for a signed one, but that’s all I could find.) I think that I am going to order it and thought that other fans of yours might want to know about it, too.

    1. My friend, I have an even better link for you.

      For about $15 more you can get the 500 copy limited edition in a custom slipcase.

  6. Hugh… will the signed copies be as available in the UK….. Would love a copy…. 18th November is my birthday..!!

  7. I want the upside- down autograph page! I hope I get it, I hope I get it, I hope I get it.
    Glad to see this children’s book getting published. Already ordered mine.

    1. After posting the video, I did another one by accident. So your chances went from 1/1,000 to 1/500. Not bad! :)

      I hope we hear from whoever gets the two messed up ones.

    2. Also, there’s another peculiar one. I signed my first name, had to grab the phone, and when I went back to sign my last name, I couldn’t just do my last name. After hundreds of repetitions, I signed my full name again. So one of them says “Hugh Howey Howey.”

      Not like you can read it, anyway.

      1. So… wouldn’t that be “Hugh Hugh Howey”? (I want that one!)

  8. Snagged two. One for me, and one for our library! You rock!!!

  9. Ordered my copy Hugh! My two year old watched your video, she didn’t understand the concept of “daddies favorite author” but she liked the clouds.

  10. Ordered my copy as soon as I read the email! For some reason I’m really excited about this one, something special is going on.

    I would advise anyone on the fence to get off the fence immediately and order! This chance will be over before you know it.

  11. Hey Hugh,
    Congratulations on the children’s book. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to check it out!

  12. Hugh, love that you are doing a children’s book. Thank you so much for signing them. Ordered 5 copies–for my grandchildren, ages 4 to 7 and one for me (ordered under Don Brumley’s name through Amazon Prime)! Maybe I’ll get lucky and get one of the unusual ones for my 4 y/o granddaughter who has been “writing” stories since she started talking. All day, everyday, she tells stories that she makes up or altered versions of children’s classics. Did you know that the real reason the Wolf was trying to get into the Little Pigs house was to get a cup full of sugar? And that the wolf and pigs had quite a long dialogue about that cup of sugar? And that they were joined by a green mermaid and a gorilla eating cookie dough? Well that is the version of The Three Little Pigs by Arabella Grace Collier–4 y/o. That original version was just to boring for Arabella.

  13. Sorry, again one more is sold! By me!

  14. Just bought one for my niece Ariel. Real excited to get her a book from my favorite author. I know the chances are REAL slim but I hope she gets the upside down signed page.

  15. Congrats, Hugh.. and all the lucky purchasers of authorgraphed copies! Buying one too, just because! :)

    Hugh, i’d love to hear more about the process of getting the children’s book out there!

  16. Hi there, anyway for Canadians to get in on this? Kindest regards.

  17. Now I can’t wait to see if I get a “mistake”. I’m sure you’ll keep increasing the odds. And I love glimpses of Bella, she seems cool. Makes me miss my pup. Maybe Bella should sign a few…

  18. A great addition to both PS 11 our local branch of the New York Public Library

  19. You’re good people, Hugh :-)

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