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A Squid, a Pebble, or a Policeman

The main character can’t die at the end of chapter one!! C’mon.

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Feast is a horror flick that has two sequels and gets progressively more ridiculous. I think it started out as a part of the “Project Greenlight” show, but I can’t be sure. It is marvelous in how awful it is.

It wasn’t at the end of Chapter One, but it WAS pretty early on and a shock to the audience since she was a big star: Alfed Hitchcock’s movie “Psycho.”

Also, Drew Barrymore in “Scream,” and that one WAS at the end of Chapter One.

I always remember “Executive Decision”, the movie, when Steven Segal died about 15 minutes in, I was surprised a major star would be killed off that fast.
There is also the English tv series “In the Flesh” where the main character is dead before the show even starts, lol.

I’m hiding behind a pen name because I had the (not) unusual experience of selling a book under contract to a respected small-hour imprint distributed by Orion in London (credible, ok?) and then halfway through the editing heard the publisher say, ‘Can you rewrite the book without the protagonist? I don’t like him very much.’

Yup. Been there. She didn’t want to kill the main character in Chapter One. She wanted to publish my book without the main character altogether.

This one of my favorites. I quote this all the time.

I love Mitchell and Webb so much I bought the UK DVD’s and a region-free player, so that I could watch the 5 minutes worth of skits per episode not available on the Netflix versions.

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