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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Sorry my site sucks

I understand that my website is horrible for logging in and commenting. When the writing gets slower, I’ll look into updating things and smoothing out the forums. If you have any complaints or are currently unable to log in and comment at all, please detail your difficulties and grievances below.

2 replies to “Sorry my site sucks”

I am so glad you asked! Since I am so bossy I was going to email you anyway!

Your site is fine as a site. However, it does a terrible job of actually selling books. Terrible. All of the books are listed on the right, but each of those pages is for a signed copy. 99% of your sales are ebooks, yes? If there are links for each book to Amazon, I cannot find them. This is Bad. Your Books section is, in other words, broken. Your Reviews section should be focused on your reviews, not reviews you’ve written of other authors.

Finally, you very badly need an email list. You have people gagging for new releases and the only way you have to tell people who are ready to part with cash for the next one is… on your blog. This is insufficient; it is pull, not push. You desperately want to reach these people who actively want to hear from you in their Inbox.

Those are my major items :)

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