Casting Call!

First of all, let me assure you that the WOOL series is at LEAST forty years from making it to the big or small screen. It’ll wait until I’m dead and gone, I’m sure.

So this is just a fun fantasy in light of recent contacts regarding media rights. Yeah, you read that correctly. I’ve had the first feelers for foreign language rights and film/TV rights. The latter was from a respectable company whose works you would know.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! An offer to shop around rights means very little in the way of having moving pictures leave pretty projectors, bounce off silver screens, and strike your lovely little eyeballs. A very long way.

But still: who do you see playing the parts of Holston and Jahns? Or of Allison and Juliette? Would you like to see an entire season with Allison and Holston alive? Maybe see Holston and Marnes travel to the down deep to investigate George’s death? (How cool would the Juliette cameo be, knowing what’s coming next!)

Let’s hear it. Your dream cast and your realistic one.

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  1. Sam Elliot would be a pretty convincing Holston. He oozes lawman. Judi Dench might fit Jahns perfectly. She’s classy and beautiful. Allison befuddles me. She must be leather skinned and tough to fit Sam Elliot… i’ll think about her while I type. Saoirse Ronan sold me in “Hanna” as a tough young girl, and she’s a great actress. She’d be a good Juliette. Matt Malloy epitomizes Bernard weasley little face (as pictured in my brain). Liam Hemsworth might be a nice fit for Juliettes love interest (the star gazer… left the damn Kindle at home tonight). And finally, I still can’t picture my Allsion. There’s my two cents. Now lets go kill some fish!

  2. First let me say that I tend to think the best films are the ones with actors I have never seen before…adds realism and removes baggage from previous roles/identities associated with well known actors. However, in the spirit of the question…how about Kathy Bates as Jahns…maybe Tom Skerritt as Holston….hmmm, borrowing from andyman1216, i am thinking maybe Sam Elliot for Marnes. Juliette I feel would still be a great role for an unknown, some new actress who could really make her stunning debut in this role. how about Ian Holm as Bernard? I know, I know, the connection to Skerritt in Alien you say but, I think he could play a perfect guy to hate in that role….or how about that guy from Lost, Michael Emerson for Bernard?

    I suppose in true Hollywood fashion they would want make everyone a little younger and sexier…Hugh, please dont let them ruin your magnificent story!

    1. Totally agree on unknown actors. I hate seeing someone so famous that they can’t stop being themselves.

  3. Okay, these may not meet any descriptions in the book, but these are what I would imagine the characters looking like anyway lol. And I would envision this as a movie, rather than a tv show, though I could see how it could work as a tv show. I would picture Helen Mirren as Jahns and Tom Wilkinson as Marnes. I feel particularly strongly about Wilkinson for some reason hehe, I think he would be perfect in fitting what I had imagined. I would have to agree on a more unknown actress for Juliette, but if I were to choose one anyway, regardless of popularity, I would probably choose Alanna Ubach or Eliza Dushku or Julia Stiles. As for Lukas, I would say James McAvoy, but I think he may look too old for the part, but he is sort of what I imagine anyway lol. Bernard…hmm..I know who it is that I pictured, but I cannot think of his name, so I guess I will go check IMDB. He was the Stapler guy in Office Space lol…oh Stephen Root :D

    1. +1 for Julia Stiles. They would need to “rough her up a bit,” but I could see her as Jules. Especially after that season of Dexter that she made so scrumptious!

  4. I think Tommy Lee Jones would make a perfect Holston (I’m reminded Of his character in No Country for Old Men). I like Ralph Fiennes as Bernard and Adrien Brody As Solo.
    Noomi Rapace who played Lisbeth in the original Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would fit Juliette perfectly.

  5. I never pictured sheriff Holston as old as everyone else seems to but I could see Gena Rowlands for Jahns and Matthew McNulty as Holston. Sam Elliot as Marnes. Vera Farmiga as Juliette. I know she can do rough. Perfect in “Down to the Bone”.

  6. I see Holston as a middle aged man – maybe Josh Brolin or Chris Cooper?  How about Connie Britto for Allison?  She always has that look on her face like she knows about something that scares her shitless – love her in American Horror Story!  I’m thinkin’ Scott Glenn for Marnes (I like Sam Elliot, too, Halfangel) and maybe Helen Mirren as Jahns – two tough people who get along with everyone but don’t take crap from anyone.  Stephan Root (check him out in Cedar Rapids – his character reminds me of a couple managers I’ve had in IT, full of crap at all times and gives a shit about absolutely no one but himself) – seems like a Bernard to me.  Love the idea of Julia Stiles for Juliette.  Another possibility – Anna Torv from Fringe – tough, smart, feminine but tom-boyish.  Another option for Lukas, too – Adrian Grenie.  He just looks like the kind of guy that would be mapping the stars – kind of the romantic type.  Ray McKinnon = Solo me thinks. IMHO anyways…

  7. I dont know if anyone is watching this thread anymore, but how about Lizzy Caplan for Juliette (fits the age, can act, not too popular and can kick ass) and Daniel Radcliffe for Lukas (fits the age, star-gazer look, torn lover, sensitive)? Eric Bana should play Holston with William H Macy playing Marnes, Holly Hunter playing Jahns, Emily Mortimer as Allison, Ben Foster as Solo/Jimmy, Aubrey Plaza as Shirley and Paul Giamatti as Bernard.

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