Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Forgetting the Future

Thirty four years ago today… I was born. They named me Hugh Crocker Howey after my grandfather, Hugh Crocker Murrill. On the same day that I was given a first name, my grandfather, the great male of our clan, was given a new one. He became “Big Hugh,” the only name I ever knew him by. It was many years into my life before I realized that I’d helped rename the great man–that my humble existence had altered the label used for such a marvelous, massive and magnificent human being.…

The Visualization of Extra Dimensions

I meant no offense in correcting you today in front of my fellow cadets. As per your request, I’m writing up my argument for submission tomorrow morning. Excuse the typographical errors and sloppy diagrams, I’m having to put this together under my bunk as we spent all afternoon in the simulators and it’s now Lights Out. Lt. Carter M301: Linear Algebra 14/02/2409 The Visualization of Extra Dimensions The difficulty we have in visualizing extra dimensions lies not with our familiarity of the three dimensions that make up R3 space. Rather,…

I’ve got Molly covered

Here’s the tentative cover design for the book. Feedback and criticism welcomed.

The Universe isn’t Flat

Long before Thomas L. Friedman argued that the world was metaphorically flat thanks to the globalization of economics, there was a brilliant piece of English satire written as if the world was literally flat. Edwin Abbott Abbott wrote FLATLAND in 1884 to make fun of a rigid social hierarchy (in the book, the number of sides you’re born with dictates what you can and can’t be within Flatland culture), but as a young child, I didn’t care about this commentary. My mind was too busy being blown away by something…