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Done. Seriously. Finito. Print the puppy.

More cover designs!

To celebrate the 4th of July, I bring fireworks: an explosive quartet of cover designs. Feast on them and give me some feedback. I’m off to create a run without Cole (and don’t fret on me being distracted from my writing… book two is almost wrapped up and three is outlined. I have plenty of time to waste on Photoshop)

The fifth-to-last cover. Hopefully.

Feedback welcomed. Major changes with this revision is the author’s name at the bottom and on top of the hand, the nebula repositioned to retain it’s original glory, the increased number of star features coming through the reflected faces.

The “Final” Cover

I’m deeply indebted to Jon Christensen for the use of his astrophotography. The image he captured of the M42 nebula may be one of the prettiest ever taken. Check out his other work at

This book’s gonna be HUGE.

Click here to find out HOW big…