The fifth-to-last cover. Hopefully.

Feedback welcomed. Major changes with this revision is the author’s name at the bottom and on top of the hand, the nebula repositioned to retain it’s original glory, the increased number of star features coming through the reflected faces.

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  1. Lane L. Stephens Avatar
    Lane L. Stephens

    Where might we see the other cover possibilities? Besides attempting to be a writer, I am also designer/illustrator. Have been all my life & have done jacket design in past. This cover looks like everyother SF cover you see & the purplish bkg color is somewhat cheap looking, like a bodice-ripper romance novel.

  2. Lane L. Stephens Avatar
    Lane L. Stephens

    Does the girl on cover LOOK like you picture your heroine? She appears to be a teenager. Sorry to be so out-spoken, but good design is were I really live and this is rather rubber-stamped looking.

  3. Lane L. Stephens Avatar
    Lane L. Stephens

    And why a hand that looks like she bites her nails?

  4. She’s sixteen in the book. More covers here:

    The background is an unedited nebula photo from Jon Christensen.

  5. She’s a pilot. She has to keep the nails as functional as possible. All excellent questions, btw… much of the cover unveils itself as you read. I just hope to not put off too many people before they get there!

  6. On the surface, it looks great. I like the critiques and your answers. Since the man (you) in the background is obviously older, does that also reflect the storyline? The lettering of the author line is fine, I think.

  7. Ouch, Jack. :)

    The models were the same age when those pictures were taken. Mid-20’s and not looking a day over 17. Right? Right?

  8. Those are good… so now I get a little more about her from the comments – who is the guy? if she is 16 – how old is he??? Do you have a synopsis of the story somewhere?? :) I like the cover – though my vote was for the one with out him, because it was cool to wonder what she was gazing at and thinking… (but if you say he will sell the books – then I understand leaving him on there!!!)

  9. He’s 17. He’s had a hard life. Too much time in the sun. ;)

    I like them with and without him. The feedback I’m getting is that his inclusion makes the cover less like chick-lit and adds a little more dynamic interpersonal drama (whatever that means). Without him I hear what you’re saying, that the mystery and whimsical nature of the cover leaves you guessing and wanting more.

    The only reason I lean toward this one is because of how the scene plays out in the book. It’s a very powerful moment. Cole pulling her away from the glass is haunting, but possibly only for those of us that have read the manuscript.

    Maybe I should do a re-release director’s cut in a few years and use whichever one I don’t go with…?

  10. Lane L. Stephens Avatar
    Lane L. Stephens

    It really bugs me that this cover doesn’t work for me. Book covers should have the same immediate impact as a billboard. The proportions of the cover are off. Everything is too centered, too same-sized & lacking in impact. Type faces aren’t bold enough. Did you try “Molly” stacked on top of “Fyde” forming a tight unit with bolder, larger type face? I would also try to have the 2 character faces less centered, slightly smaller, cropping the arm off closer to the wrist so that faces are closer to bottom edge of cover and your name larger. The guy looks 45, a rough 45. The purple color is garish. If you toned it down to more into the navy blue range, there would be an element of mystery, rather than romance novel-ish. There. I’ve said it. Will you ever speak to me again?

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