The Future of Art

The future of art will be a lot like the past:

Having the freedom to do what you love, doing it with abandon, until you get so good at it that someone else loves what you do.

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  1. This will scare the shit out of me – but will be a thrill for my husband, daughter and son ( and he’s 2). Yup… a family of surfers with with a mother who is deathly afraid of the sea. Getting better but memories of drowning don’t fade away easily.

    Love the art though – just not the method.

    Ever been to Barbados Hugh? You actually have fans here!!

    1. Yeah, the last time I was in Barbados was back in 2002. Would love to come back.

  2. Those. Were. AWESOME.

    Holy moly… what crisp shots, even getting the detail inside the wave. Spectacular.

    People who do are like this, a unique spin on what we’ve already been able to do, that’s the art I buy.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. These photos are amazing and what he says about creating is something I really needed to hear right now. I’ve been getting all caught up again in the promotional side of publishing my book and stressing out over “author platform” and “building my personal brand” — things authors do need to think about, but they should be secondary. It’s so easy to get buried by it and the anxiety builds and I forget how wonderful it feels when the words start flying off my fingers and the story flows. I forget about how much fun it is to wait under that wave and document it as it crashes down over me. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I second what Laura said. I went to a writers’ conference last weekend and it was great, but all I’ve done since I got back was marketing and personal brand. I need to dive back into the thrill of the writing ocean.

  5. I love stuff like this. People that do instead of wish. It’s good to wish, but then you have to follow through.

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