The New Bated-Breathalyzer

It’s handy! It’s dandy! It slices and dices! But best of all, it tells you how WOOL 5 is coming along!

Welcome to the New Bated-Breathalyzer! You’re probably here because you just finished WOOLs 1 – 4 in a single sitting, and no amount of Google searching is turning up WOOL 5. Well guess what? Those other books just came out last month! WOOL 5 isn’t done yet. But I’m working on it!

If you’ll look to the left, you’ll see that your open-mouth panting has activated my new WordPress Plugin. This is the Marvelous, Miraculous Bated-Breathalyzer! It notes the after-scent of WOOL on your tongue, the rapid breathing of a satisfied reader, and reflects back the current state of WOOL 5’s rough draft.

How’s THAT for dandy? Pretty damned dandy, I would say.

Check back every hour or so to see if I’m working diligently on the hotly anticipated conclusion to the WOOL saga. If I’m not, email or Tweet me to make sure I’m okay.

Back to writing! And remember: DEEP breaths. In and out. You’ll be fine, I promise.

(Juliette, on the other hand, is pretty much screwed in this one, sad to say.)

4 responses to “The New Bated-Breathalyzer”

  1. Now why did you have to go and say that about Juliette!!!!
    Several chapters into Half Way Home. Great stuff! Chilling moment so far… when Colony asks Porter, “Who do you think taught you everything you know?”

  2. Thank the sweet baby jesus Wool 5 is coming. Although I am not liking the allusion to the demise of Juliette. Love, love, love the first 4. Please keep them going. I am choosing to ignore the hint that 5 will be the conclusion. Fantastic stories.

  3. Only 8080 words? Ugh!

  4. And, yeah, you’re a jerk for saying Juliette is screwed. Knowing you, that might mean that she’s not screwed (or is not screwed in the way we immediately imagine, which is DEAD).

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