The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Give the gift of Molly this year! Trust me, they’ll be glad you did.

The best way to snag a copy is through my publisher. It’s like shopping “locally,” but without all the driving. It helps out the little people.

If you need a discount (so you can buy half a dozen copies for every reader on your list) you can try Barnes and Noble. They always have discounts on their books ($11.48 as of this post. Criminal for such an amazing story).

Some people only shop at Amazon these days, and that’s where all the great reader reviews are for book one, so I don’t mind if you head over there to get your Molly on. Here’s the link.

Are you looking for something really special? Go to Jared’s. Or … hit me up for a signed and personalized copy of Molly Fyde. Friends and family qualify and need no hyperlink to find me.

Happy Holidays and joyous reading to one and all!

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