The Perfect Sci-Fi Home

Truth is stranger than fiction. My next home will be Jupiter, FL.

Glad it’s not Uranus.

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  1. Congrats on getting a new home, and glad to hear that it’s location is Jupiter! Too bad you couldn’t get one on one of Saturn’s moons. May your new digs inspire you to crank out more crazy stories for us to read.

    By the way, I hear homes on Uranus stink to high heaven. They’re all made of… well, you know. ;)

  2. Love the classic FL sand fighting the lawn. Get your tax money to work and slap a small enphase solar system on that roof.

    My first house ever was going to be a silo but an long sad story with $60k lost and some paper work problems with owning a “super fund site”

  3. Congrats Hugh.
    This may seem like an odd question, but when I was looking at the front edge of the house, where the two roof pitches intersect, I realized there arent any gutters. Is this common in Florida homes?

    1. It is normal. There’s a stretch of gutter on the back, but a lot of the houses we looked at were gutterless. Not sure if that’s because of leaves, wind, hurricanes, or what. ?

  4. Oh wow, I grew up in Jupiter! Just started reading The Hurricane (love it so far) and wanted to explore your website to learn more about you. I haven’t been to Florida in over a decade, but I have fond memories of the place. Hope you love it!

  5. Well, fortunately, it rarely rains in Florida, right?

    1. I assume you’re joking!

      For much of the year, there are torrential downpours that last half an hour and come like clockwork.

  6. So great, you are saying that you are about to enter a phase future historians will refer to as your “rainy period”…”every Howey book from 2012-2022 had an unusual preoccupation with rain and the impact of said humidity on one’s hair…never was this more noticeable than in the fixation on the sprinkler systems in Wool 15 and 16…”

  7. You know that Jupiter is the home of Burt Reynolds… right? Not sure what relevance that has to anything… BTW I’m a resident of Florida also, but far up in the Pan Handle where everybody, including the map-makers find us beyond notice…

  8. Congrats on the house! I live in North Texas so please send some of that excess rain our way.

    BTW lol @ Bob Ross

  9. Why does everyone pick on Uranus?
    Just read First Shift and I’m slavering for more…but the Zombie novel will tide me over, a little. Keep up the most riveting writing, EVAR.

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