Crazy Monday Wild with Potential

My wife and I are in Florida looking for a home near her new job. It’s been a crazy few days, with a talk at Hanahan High on Friday followed by my reading at The Tin Roof later that night. We got up at 3:30 Saturday morning, drove to Ft. Pierce, FL, dropped off our dog, then drove another hour south to look at five houses. On Sunday, we looked at four more. We made an offer, it was accepted, so now I’m running around doing boring business-type stuff (setting up inspections, wiring money to escrow accounts, etc.)

But the writing duties and news never end. I mailed out 40+ signed books this morning. Talk about dedication! I brought envelopes and printed pre-order mailing labels with me, had my wife bring the first shipment of FIRST SHIFT books down from Boone, and spent last night signing books and stuffing envelopes. If you ordered a copy, it’s on its way.

There may be some exciting news today from the UK or possibly from Hollywood, so stay tuned for that. And keep your ears pinned for anyone who wants a mountain retreat in Boone, NC. We’ve got a tiny house that we’re practically giving away, and the price is about to go down even further. Can’t wait to get moved and get settled in so the writing routine can resume. Don’t worry, though, I’m still getting some words logged. It might even be a zombie book that comes out next. ;)

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  1. Congrats on the successful house hunt! 9 houses in 2 days and an accepted offer. That’s a good (and happy) real estate agent right there.

    Of course, you could always hang on to your NC house and use it as a writing retreat. Seems all the really famous authors always have a private getaway place and you are well on your way down that road.

  2. After watching the video read I am all for I, Zombie being your next book released!

  3. Congrats on the house hunt! Somehow I suspect copies of Wool will begin showing up on doorsteps throughout a certain neighborhood in Florida…

  4. Congrats! I hope things with closing go smoothly because the reality of it is that things can happen from now until then. The whole ordeal can be very nightmarish. Offering, counter offering, getting the place inspected, other random factors — definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience for myself which explains why I still live in apartment!

  5. At last! Your system is allowing me to comment. :)

    Yes, congrats on the house hunt. And so happy about all your success. You deserve it.

    So, do you have a view of the ocean?

  6. Congratulations on the house! I was shocked when I saw you were in Ft. Pierce because that’s where I grew up.

    I also checked the mail today and was pleasantly surprised to see my copy of First Shift sitting there. I can’t wait till my book club meet again to discuss the book in a few weeks.

  7. I live human n Boone and am very interested in the tiny house! Can you send me some other info if it is still available? Thank you!

    1. In Boone! Darn auto correct.

    2. We sold it, which I kinda regret. I probably should have kept the thing for when the sea levels rise.

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