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Blown Away

No, not from Hurricane Isaac. From you all.

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Incredible! Can’t wait to hear what the story is on that blanket. The decorating on those cookies looks fantastic, as well!

Hugh, funny coincidence, I posted a link to zombie cookie cutters in the I, Zombie forum just yesterday. (In case you’re ever inspired to make some.)

I saw you post those cookies cutters and Hugh’s cookies look like they were made from them. I also want to hear the story of the blanket.

That blanket is purely amazing! And the cookies are very cool, too!

Janyaa, it does look like the work of the cookie cutters you posted, with some really original decorating.

I agree, Deb! Would be curious to find out if they’re the same of if they got them from somewhere else.

Your fans are freakin’ awesome! Thanks for sharing the joy, Hugh. I love it! Be safe at ChiCon and don’t let Mike Anderson and Lisa get arrested for their behavior! Good Luck with that! :)
Share lots and lots of pictures when you get back. Make sure you take some with Lisa in them for me. No matter how much she resists.

Charla! You crazy girl! Will be sure to take pictures and some video to share with you all from ChiCon and the Thursday meet-up. The amazing Flying Holloween Arm may make an appearance (cup in hand, of course!) :P

You know you totally have to give the USS The Sullivans and its crew a cameo in a book now, right?

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