USA Today catches on…

I happened to pick up a copy of USA Today yesterday morning and, of course, I turned to the LIFE section immediately. Did you guys hear that Paula is out for next season of Idol? Wow. And she really sobered up this season. There were at least three times that she made sense. Twice in one night. And the vocab cards she kept under the table worked wonders–

Sorry, that’s not the article I wanted to discuss. At the bottom of the LIFE cover was an article on Twitter and authors. Namely, how they have turned to the restrictive word-count social networking tool to promote their works and stay in touch with their fans.

Man, they shoulda called me for an interview! My first Tweets were in the voice of my protagonist, a new method they tout in the article. What they didn’t have was an author mentioned that got signed over Twitter, which is why they should have called my publicist, or my agent.

Wait. I don’t have a publicist. OR an agent. I wonder if I could get some with a few tweets. Anyway, the link to the online version of the article is below. Warning: it’s way longer than 140 characters.

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