Wayfinder Build: Part 8 — The Galley

Some new pics from the yard, mostly showing the galley. The countertops are in, and she’s really coming together!


This is the bar, which is right below the TV. The top shelf that’s slid out to the right with all the holes is where the glasses go. Beneath that, you can see two rows for wine and liquor, with a center area for general storage. I’m not a heavy drinker, but it’ll be nice to have some spirits and wine aboard.


A look at the galley sinks. I went with porcelain over stainless steel, as the white stays clean a lot better. Love the countertops!




Here’s a shot of the primed hull, ready for the first coat of paint.


A great shot of the galley. That round hole is the trashcan. And the square to the right of the stove is a recessed dish drying rack, so the dishes dry out of sight. Makes for a very clean look in the galley.


Starting to really come together now. With the cupboards faired and painted, it’ll be time for wiring and plumbing, and then systems start going in.

More soon!


7 responses to “Wayfinder Build: Part 8 — The Galley”

  1. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    This new webpage is gorgeous! It must have taken a lot of work.

  2. Glad you are living the dream but having cruised through a typhoon in the Indian Ocean I don’t think I could ever leave sight of land now.

  3. Harley Cooper Avatar

    I can’t imagine how excited you must be seeing this all come together. I will adventuring vicariously through you until I can one day afford to get my own boat. Maybe in the future our paths will cross on the high seas and we can sing a sea shanty to our good fortunes.

  4. I think I would rather live on your boat than in my apartment. It’s seriously beautiful!

  5. Hepful info. Lucky mee I found yyour site by accident, and
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  6. Becky Stragand Avatar
    Becky Stragand

    Great to see you at Boondocks last night, Hugh. We were inspired to visit your site and update ourselves on the Wayfinder’s progress. It looks awesome. Two goals, two dreams, coming true. The writing and the sailing. I must admit, that while most folks think of you as a writer, I think of you as a sailor. Congrats on everything that you have done, and keep chasing those dreams! My only catamaran was an Aquacat that I dearly loved! Quite different!! We love the sea and will be following your adventures! Sto by anytime you are in WJ!

  7. The boat looks great! I sailed on the Naval Academy Offshore Sailing Team when I was there and we would have a tough time beating catamarans and trimarans – great sailing boats. Cruisers are a different story – but they are comfortable and stable. Great choice!

    Also, thanks for the author inspiration and your work for indie authors. I just got my debut novel picked up by a small publisher and am looking forward to that experience – but will probably self-pub a few titles on my own as well. You inspiring story has gotten me to stick with writing and not give up.

    Unrelated…I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a reality TV show that I’d like to pitch to a production company (Joke and Biagio) where guest authors in different genres would evaluate unknown author’s work with specific writing prompt assignments as competition for winning representation and possibly a pub deal.

    I know you have an exciting life’s dream of sailing around the world (which I envy) – but I’m sure a bit of scheduling could be worked out for both if a pitch is accepted (I know it’s a long shot – but I feel it would be a great opportunity for new writers to get cool exposure – and everything’s a long shot these days – right?). Production companies won’t entertain a pitch without a known person who would be willing to do it. I thought you’d be perfect as a champion for new authors.

    If it sounds interesting enough to talk about, please contact me at my provided e-mail. I look forward to seeing the progress on Hull #19 and look forward to hearing from you! Check out a bit about me at my publisher’s website (I’m not crazy – just testing the waters to see what’s possible): http://pandamoonpublishing.com/pandamoon/AUTHORS/ToddTavolazzi/author-toddtavolazzi.html

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