Which one is it?

Hint: It’s starts with a ‘W’ and has something to do with the number ‘2’!

4 responses to “Which one is it?”

  1. but the tv told me not so listen to any of the communist propaganda from that show…….

  2. I had a hard time figuring that one out.

  3. William Jacques Avatar

    “.. I saw ‘ink’ spilled on a white card. … I didn’t see nothing in the ink … I tried hard, I holded the card up close, then far away… I tried hard.. but, I only saw the ink.. ” (Apologies to Daniel Keyes)

  4. Oh wow! You’re living the dream, Hugh.

    After a ton of hard work, of course. Digging deep when you were riddled with doubt. Spending way too much time ruminating over just a few words. Wondering if anything would ever sell. Curious if those Readers you were writing for were nothing but a myth, like unicorns or fat-free chocolate or bipartisanship in Washington.

    Or maybe I’m talking about me.

    Any-hoo, you made The List. And that’s too many kinds of awesome to count. Congratulations. :^)

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