The hardbacks are here!

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  1. Feels a little like a kid at Christmas, doesn’t it?? Congrats!!

  2. This is great. How do i get one? or order one?

    1. I think the only way right now is to pre-order from Others have said this seems to work. Not sure what the shipping looks like, though!

      1. FYI…
        I just pre-ordered the book, (since I did not win) the total with shipping is £15.97, (= 25.53 USD). With delivery in January, Yeah!

  3. Congratulations! 2 big days in a row. Can’t wait to order one. Give us the link once it’s ready for ordering from overseas.

  4. Hugh, as much as I’d like to beg endlessly for one of these I have what I hope is a better idea. Take some of these and have a charity auction with the profit going to an organization that helps children with learning difficulties or speech problems. The story about Molly was amazing, and having a child, now 14, that didn’t speak until she was two, and hasn’t shut up since, makes this proposition sound very reasonable to me. My daughter had speech therapy in school until she was in 7th grade, and had weekly visits to speech therapists for a few years before she started school. Just my thoughts on this. And if had the funds I would attempt to outbid all the other folks to support this.

    Thank you again for sharing your exceptional gift of story telling with us.

  5. Contest! Contest! Those are are really sweet-lookin’! Big congratulations on getting those. I love hearing about how well they are treating you, makes it sound like there is still hope for publishers everywhere.

  6. Hugh, those are positively beautiful! I absolutely must have one to add to my collection. Not only because I intend on reading it 10s of times over, but because I can only loan titles on my Kindle once! I want everyone I know to read this so that they feel the same compulsion to own it on every format possible like I do!

  7. Hugh… Loved the unveiling. Good for you!

  8. You deserve this honor. The story does too. Have a happy experience.

  9. Found some footage of Hugh receiving the hardbacks. Of course, names, places and dates have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, “phonebook” has replaced “hardback” in order to avoid any copyright infringements.

  10. Congratulations, Hugh! They look great. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hugh, they look great!! I’m going to try and order one thru the uk amazon webiste, thanks!

    1. It worked, pre-ordered, came out to 15.97 Euros, and should be delivery between 1/25/13-1/30/13!!!

  12. Sweet guess I was one of the last ones to order the limited edition. I got scared for a second and had to double check that my order went through.

    Do you know the Wool audiobook is on sale for only 1.99?

    1. Yeah, isn’t that awesome?!

      1. Yes sir it is. Been spreading the word as much as I can. :) when you feel like taking a break from work feel free to share some recommendations from your bookshelf.:p

  13. Congrats, Hugh. What a long way we’ve come since we met, eh? I’m so happy to see all of your success, and I know this will just be the beginning!

  14. Fantastic & Congratulations.
    Are any of your other tomes of great literature slated to go hardback soon. I’m like yourself in that hardbacks are the way to go.
    Cheers & Continued Good Luck!

  15. What an accomplishment! Finally a cover fitting to judge this book by. Congrats.

    You mentioned an extra chapter added in this edition along with the conversion to the Queen’s English. Is that only in the hardback or is there another way to get my grubby paws on it?

  16. Ok, It is done. These were great tips. I have been promoting this book off line everywhere I go and had done most of the list, but you inspired me to write a review and a favorites list. I bought the original cover book last April to give to a friend who doesn’t own a kindle. Unbelievable as that seems. Congratulations on your success. Can’t wait for the movie!

  17. All my best, Hugh! What a fantastic honor. You looked pretty overwhelmed there. Must be a real thrill. I just want to say how much I absolutely LOVED Wool the Omnibus. Just started Number 6 and will probably blow through that one as well. I haven’t been this excited about reading a book series for years. Keep up the fantastic work. Looking forward to Wool the movie and more of your work in the future.

  18. Hugh – I just finished Wool 1-5. You are a wonderful writer and have rekindled my passion for reading. Cannot wait to read First Shift! (my wife is hogging the kindle at the moment…) I tell everyone about your stories. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Andrew! That’s the best compliment possible.

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