Why am I writing this?

I think I’m going to have to publish I, ZOMBIE under a different name. This foulness is going to make it impossible to ever run for office. I seriously doubt my wife is going to help me edit this one. I can already hear the conversation:

Her: “What is the point of all this?”

Me: *shrugs*

Her: “That’s what I thought.”

12 responses to “Why am I writing this?”

  1. As I’ve said before…you seem negative about your writing…..so this one may be the best yet!

  2. The perfect excuse to create a pen-name!

    1. Maybe I could use one for my upcoming romance novels as well.

  3. If it is really bad just use your sister’s name….then everyone will say , ” she just doesn’t have it like her brother does…”

  4. I’m not reading a zombie novel written by “someone else.” I want to read YOUR zombie novel.

    I’m less committed when it comes to bodice-ripping gothics. (As long as it has hot sex, I’m good.)

  5. And if you did what jon suggested, Mollie would kick your butt. (I’d ask her to get it on video, too.)

  6. With 7 Howey books under my belt, somehow I doubt you are capable of writing a bad story. And watch, if you publish it under the pseudonym Hughbert Howengoth, murphy’s law will make the book the BIGGEST hit ever…and you will be forced to adopt Hughbert Howengoth as your new moniker for the rest of your career, I think that would be a fate worse than a bad book! …Rock out I, Zombie with pride my friend!

  7. What about “Everyday I’m Shufflin’ “

  8. I,Zombie

    Written By: Hooey Gooey ?

    1. No one would ever put that together!

      1. This is pretty old news, is the book already published? It’s 2014 anyhow..:-D

  9. I’ll give you my pen name since I don’t think I’ll ever use it. Ready?

    Reed Wrightwell

    You’re welcome.

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