Win a Hardback!

I’m dying to send someone one of these hardbacks from the UK. In fact, I’m thinking we need a contest. It’ll be open for a while, so don’t rush off and bang your toe on anything to get started. Just take a deep breath. This will be either the easiest or the most onerous contest you’ve ever entered. That’ll be up to you.

This is like a scavenger hunt of sorts, all based on an honor system. I saw a post recently by D.M. Andrews that listed 10 things you can do to support your favorite authors. It’s an egregious amount of work, to be sure. It involves clicking on things and writing stuff. Not much fun. In fact, it’s almost exactly like Facebook.

The contest will work like this: Do as many or as few of these ten things as you like. You don’t even have to do any! You just have to promise not to break any rules or violate common decency. Don’t write a review of a book you haven’t read. Don’t upvote a review unless you truly find it useful. Make a Listmania because you really believe it will help other readers. And don’t lie about your participation. In general, don’t be a dick. The Easter Bunny is watching.

After you’ve done as much clicking and writing as you feel like, leave a comment on this blog post with the number of crappy, awful things you suffered through for your love of free goodies. (Various other comments are welcome, but only the entries with a simple number will be considered for the contest). The number you enter should lie between 0 and 10. This is how many extra entries your name will be given. All the names will go into a virtual hat, which means each horrible little busybody task you perform will be like punching another lottery ticket. Also: depending on the level of participation, I might have to give away several of these bad boys.

The contest will run for a few weeks, so don’t strain yourself. If you’ve already written a review, that totally counts. If you do a bunch of extra credit and suck up to me, that’ll probably count in your favor as well. Again, no bitching about all the work. Just comment with a big fat zero and be done with it. That’ll get you one entry.

Okay, best of luck! Here’s a link to the list again. Yeah, it’s a bunch of sucky work. But it’s an awesome learning experience to see how easy it is to support your favorite authors. Go forth and do this for other reads you really enjoy. You have NO IDEA how much this means to us writers. It makes the blood, sweat, and tears we shed totally worthwhile.

Oh, and a reminder of what you’re gunning for!:

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  1. 7.
    Though, can we do more than 10? If I wanted to do one item on the list for every one of your books on Amazon… is that aloud?

    1. As in “liking” them all? Sure. Extra credit will be considered. Let’s say a half point for each extra bit.

      1. Sweet!
        In that case… 8 likes (4), 3 shares (1.5) and 1 “upreview” (.5).

        1. Ser Antthony Cross Avatar
          Ser Antthony Cross

          Whelp! I am an idiot. I thought we had to go and do everything from that list of ten things. I had no idea you could like three books and that counts as three. Lolol I feel stupid but hey…it was interesting!

          1. Actually I think you only get a point for the 10, any thing outside that is “extra credit”… either way the internets are blowing up because of Hugh and all the rabid fans!!!

  2. SIX! Though I had already done most of these things when I first read the books I went and a few other things not just because I want to win the hard-cover (which I do) but also because I genuinely loved the books. I think the people who read my blog (all ten of them) got pretty sick of me going on about “Wool this” and “Molly Fyde that”, but it didn’t stop me. I think my nagging brought you at least a couple of new readers, and every little bit helps.

    1. Can I just say… Ditto?
      Why reinvent the wheel?
      Thank you… :)

  3. zero

    full time work+full time school=barely enough time to read!
    I’ll continue to support you guys by paying for books and will be continuing to check in here to see how the WOOL progress is going. Can’t wait for the next one.

    1. An honest zero! I like it! Good luck to you, Russell!

  4. 6. Unless we count every single Facebook Wool post. 20 if we do count them separate.
    7. if we add harass your boss into staying up all night reading Omnibus to the list.

  5. Jean-Yves Cajelais Avatar
    Jean-Yves Cajelais


    They go like this:
    LIKE on WOOL
    LIKE on Second shift
    LIKE on Author: Hugh Howey
    Review on LINKEDIN via Amazon App
    Recommended on LINKEDIN via Amazon App
    Review and rating on Amazon.

    Review n Amazon goes like this:
    I’m a bot, programed by Hugh Howey, my purpose is to SPAM Amazon with great reviews and 5 stars rating on his work.
    Great book, Great Author
    I really liked Wool, picked it up early in 2012 because I spotted it at a cheap price ! Yes I’m cheap.
    I’ll probably end up buying every books he writes from now on and before they actually go a cheaper price!

    I don’t want to say to much about the book in this review, There are a few unexpected twist and I hate reviews that end up saying too much.

    It’s cheap, don’t worry, pick it up.

  6. Jennifer Reynolds Avatar
    Jennifer Reynolds

    3! ;-)

  7. Four, quatre, chahar, cuatro. I got my 73 year old grandmother to read Wool Omnibus. Maybe this time the virtual dice will spell out my name. :)

  8. I live there for I tweet… I posted it on FB and Twitter and soon will go forth and conquer the likes and shares on Amazon. (as soon as laptop allows)
    If need be… PB&J’S will be FedEx’d. ;)

      1. 7 tips done last night. But at least 10 tips done over the Spring & Summer.
        And I found out a buddy from High School read it this summer because she saw my posts about it. That means I’ve had 8 friends & family read WOOL, probably just to shut me up, but too late they are now just as hooked on it as I am.

  9. Okay you know how much I’ve done over the past several months. Does all of those count?

    1. Yes! Give me some kind of figure, though. :)

      1. Terri Pawlowski Avatar

        I’m guessing but I’m at least at 15, might even be closer to 20. :)

  10. 4
    Fantastic story Hugh, I plan to reread the entire book again just to enjoy the many nuances that I am sure to have missed the first time around!

    1. I think you’ll appreciate the foreshadowing if you do!

  11. Now, I will be honest and I say I did 4 things tonight to promote your book. I will say that I talked not only about your book via Facebook the other day, but about YOU good sir. See, I was passing on the good word before I even knew about your giveaway. That sounds like a karmic entry to me :)

    1. I would say this gives you an extra bout of luck. And I have a blog post on karma coming up. ;)

  12. 4 for me!

  13. 10.

    Extra credits!
    Hugh, you gave me the inspiration to write. My first book should be available on amazon within a few months, you and the fine people I have met on your website have made this possible for me. Given me the fire, so to speak.

    Your outspoken presence has convinced me to see what other independant authors have written,,,And I have not been disappointed, if anything, its all that much more fire lit under me to write. But the worlds I have found and enjoyed by the likes of Jacob Gowans, B.V. Larson and Randolph Lalonde (just to name a few off the top of my head) have been truly priceless.

    Everywhere I have an on-line presence, facebook, goodreads, here, and even my amazon profile, I have listed your works and yourself as likes, influences and interests.

    i have made new friends by following you, I want to thank you for that, even more than the wonderful books you write, May you have every possible success!

    1. That’s unreal to hear, Thomas! Congrats on your book. Please let me know when it’s available, okay?

  14. I’ve tagged, added tags, liked reviews, shared in person, shared on facebook, liked you on amazon, written a review for Omnibus (had only reviewed Wool 1 before), like you on amazon, given away copies of Wool, e and otherwise, promoted other books in comments, put in on my listmania – but I’ve already got a hardback on order. I just like promoting you!

    1. There is a special place in Valhalla for souls such as you.

  15. 7, so far!

    I love the world of Wool, great concept.
    Started Molly, then Wool 6 will be next.

    Thank you for sharing your gift!

  16. Michael Flanagan Avatar
    Michael Flanagan

    7 for me

  17. 7 ….

    I’m a social media junkie so the fact that Amazon gives me the opportunity to share what I’ve just read from my Kindle to Facebook is fantastic.

    I’ve also given a signed copy of Wool to friends (only friends I trust a LOT) so they can be sucked into Wool because they refuse to go digital with their books. Needless to say they purchased the Onimbus to find out what happened next.

  18. Count me in for 5! Thanks for the chance to win a copy….and for taking us along for the ride!

  19. ERMAGERD! HERDBERKS! I type too slow to put allkindsa cool stuff in here, but I keeeeep telling everybody to read yer stuff! Loveya!

  20. 5!

    I always try to promote books that I’ve read. I don’t know if it’s because I think that everyone else should have the same taste in books as me. Or I just want to spread that feeling that you get when you finally see what the author was trying to get at after all those pages. Either way, I try to make a point of talking about the books that I have read. ESPECIALLY books that really grab me such as wool. For example it has taken a few months of me talking my wife’s ear off about the wool series. Finally I caught her reading it yesterday. :-D

  21. 5. Hope I win!
    And for the bonus suck up points, I loved Wool so much I have recommended it to many of my friends who have gone ahead and read it as well, and also loved it. It is definitely on my list of top reads of all time! And I also love that you friend your fans of facebook. Having a virtual connection to you has made me want to read other things you have written too. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  22. Susan Gufler Brown Avatar
    Susan Gufler Brown

    I did 8!

  23. Mark Gyscek-Strauss Avatar
    Mark Gyscek-Strauss


  24. Zero – On amazon
    I prefer using Goodreads or Anobii for my reviews and likes (in Italy the amazon review and like stuff sucks)

  25. At least 9! Including the review I wrote of Wool (5 stars) and all the lip flapping I’ve done of that book and your success. The one thing that I haven’t done yet, is ask you for an interview for my blog…which I will work myself up to one of these days! Maybe as a break from NaNoWriMo…

    1. Thanks, Mary! As long as the 5 stars were truly deserved. 1-star reviews get the same number of points for this contest! (I don’t want any padding, you know).

  26. 7
    i am also proud to say i have been telling as many people about “Halfway Home” as WOOL. don’t all attack, but i actually think HH is better than WOOL, but i’m a botanist and i like the bombfruit!

    1. HWH is my wife’s favorite (and one of mine). I think the metaphor of a gradual ascent of morality is important.

    2. Hey, that one is my favorite, too! I never thought about why. I’m a certified Master Gardener, so maybe the bombfruit got me. :)

  27. 7 for me. Thanks for the opportunity Hugh.

  28. A solid 3 on Amazon. Plus everything over on goodreads, loaning out copies of your book, convincing friends and family to buy your books. But on Amazon… I know for sure I’ve got at least 3 – more to come in the future I’m sure.

  29. Ser Antthony Cross Avatar
    Ser Antthony Cross

    Whew! That took awhile but if it helps Hugh! So I am excited about this giveaway and I hate cheaters! So I decided to document my whole Journey!

    ^ Offline I recommended at a party and two people bought it. [Grace is from Korea! International!]

    This was actually quite fun! So ten entries! :D Fingers crossed. [Or Hugh you could just adopt me and give me a copy..right…right. Haha.]

    1. With screen-caps! The gods smile favorably upon you. Or maybe they’re hungry. It’s hard to tell from this distance.

  30. 7.
    I’m somewhat of a lurker on this site, but I want to say you are one of my favorite authors and I can’t stop telling my friends how much I enjoyed WOOL. Looking forward to the next one!

  31. 10+ I have just spent like 2 hours on Amazon! I’m not sure how many half points I am due with regard to your other works, I have lost track now. :~D Anyway, I’m excited and can’t wait to see my new book! ;~)

  32. 7 for each one of the WOOL books that I’ve read (5). Plus following you on Goodreads and have your site saved so it comes up every time I open the internet.

    I have told so many people about WOOL that I’ve lost count and I’ve told anyone who would listen how cool it is that your book was the first thing to be sold from the new Amazon warehouse. I also have every single one of your other books on my Wish List already (except for I, Zombie and First Shift, which I already own but haven’t had time to read.) And, just to be a suck up ;) I per-ordered I, Zombie so I would have it the day it came out.

  33. 6

    Wool is one of those books that you can not stop reading. Looking forward to book 7 and more!

    Also enjoyed the Molly Fyde series and Half Way Home and looking forward to Sand.

  34. 9
    I have done all of these , except listmania, on a lot of books i have read recently. But, i did it again this morning to make sure i didn’t break the “rules” Oh i hope i win one of these. Then i can make people who don’t have a kindle read your awesome work and get them hooked on Hugh Howey like I am.

  35. 10.

    I counted what I’d already done. Reviews- 8; 4 on Amazon, 4 on Goodreads. Counted all of Facebook as 1, since I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about your books on my wall. Counted my “Books Worth Reading” board on Pinterest as 1. That adds to 10. If you wish to disallow the Goodreads reviews, as they are duplicates of the Amazon reviews, I’m fine with that. That said, I now realize how lazy I’ve been and will work on that.

    Note: You can review a book you did not buy from Amazon, but there is no “Like” button if the purchase was made elsewhere. So the books I’ve bought from you have no like button available. Thought you and everyone else should know that.

  36. As for the sucking up, please refer back to my email from about a week ago. :)

  37. I have done about 3 of those items to help authors and to help others enjoy an outstanding read. I am a reader and a book collector, so I feel so excited when I have found a wonderful read and I feel it is only common courtesy to let other people know of the book. I give positive reviews for those, and ones that do not excite me, I do not post a review, for the author has written a book and had it published and that is more than I can say for myself. I do hit the “is the review helpful ” button, especially on comments that have nothing to do with the book or people who admit that the quit reading at the 3rd chapter of the book.


  38. 8
    -many times in each category! (Including a couple of reviews for Hugh plus verbal recommendations – how’s that for sucking up?:) I’ve not created a Listmania, nor mentioned another author’s book in a review.
    Thanks for sharing D.M. Andrew’s post. I’m tweeting and Facebooking (is that a word? – it is now. I’m a writer, I can do that.) this post and Andrew’s right now.

    1. I get to up my count! so put me at
      9 !!!
      I just mentioned I, Zombie while commenting on a blog about Zombies. :D I’ve never dropped other book names before, but I kind of like it now that I did it. I wonder if this will become an addiction…

  39. What about the time that my friend Carol and I stood on Peachtree St with a huge glittery sign we had made that said “We Want Your Sex” George Michael! to win tickets to the George Micheal concert in the old Fulton County Stadium…humiliating but we won and have the pictures to prove it!

  40. Is it okay to put in a 0 placeholder and update if I have time to do any of these?

  41. Hi Hugh! I will say 9. I do 8 on a regular basis and have tagged a few times. I have not created a listmania list. I like not only the books I read, but also the authors’ pages on Amazon. I also visit authors web pages, facebook sites, and blogs.

  42. Phew, just finished completing the list! Some lucky indie authors out there, thanks for doing this Hugh :)


  43. I’ve liked it on Facebook and told all my nerdy friends about it… Did I win yet?

    1. You won a paperback, Alex!

  44. Hi! I haven’t read Wool yet which is why I’m entering this contest. Unfortunately, I don’t have a e-reader or smartphone to read your book online. I need a hardcopy.:) I’ve done 4 of the listed things to support authors. I also check the author’s website, blogs & posted articles. One supportive gesture not mentioned is to request the book at your library. In my city, we have 3 branches. I couldn’t find any copies in the metro library network. Pretty sad. I suggested to the librarian to google the book to see how popular it is!!! I found out about by word of mouth at a party discussion on good contemporary sci fi not the teeny bopper stuff. Although I’ve read my share of “Hunger Games”. My book club is another great opportunity to support favorites but I guess that is considered word of mouth.:) I can’t wait to read Wool!

  45. Robin Cornelius Avatar

    I went to the page sit for a favorite author and it was gone. After a brief search I found his sequel book on Barnes and Noble. Now I have abandonment issues. Can I read a B & N book on my Kindle, do I have to buy it in hardback, CAN HE DO THIS TO ME? Off to do more Random Acts of Reviewing.

  46. Does it matter if we do the Facebook-affiliated things, or give us extra points or something? I don’t have a Facebook account…

  47. Hi Hugh! I’m gonna say 6 (for recent additions).

    Been recommending Wool through word of mouth like crazy (and everyone I recommend it to LOVES IT), been liking and sharing my favorite authors for a while now on facebook. But this crazy little contest (that I love!) prompted me to write that review for WOOL that I’ve been neglecting (for shame!) and also to write a review for Scott Nicholson. Can’t wait to see the results of the contest!

  48. Just getting to this post now, and all I can say is, “Puh-leeeeze, like I haven’t done all this and more for a little-known author named Hugh Howey?!” LOL!

    1. I felt all warm and fuzzy that I had 5 or 6 of them already…the rest were a pleasure to do. Plus I got to plug a few other authors I liked in the process.

      1. I agree. There were a few things that I didn’t know about, Amazon “tags” and “like”. So those are now added to my repertoire.

  49. * 8 *


  50. 1 not including this one. I once sat through a sermon for a free hamburger in college. I think its funny because I am atheist! There was a girl involved so hey cheeseburger and a little sugar on the side. Not a bad trade for a short sermon. On another note I thoroughly enjoyed your wool series. I have already purchased the ebook but would love a signed hard copy. Thanks Mr. Howey, and keep up the good work!

  51. 7 (or 8 if you’ll count buying the book in lieu of adding to wish list)

  52. 10++. I feel pretty good about already having done several things on the list, e.g. Pinterest, Listmania, Facebook, but finished the list. I have been promoting this bood by work of mouth since I read it in January. I bought the “original cover” edition in April to give to a friend. I have recommended this book to no less than 25 people.I tell them it is my favorite book of the year and they had better read it before the movie comes out! I would love to have the hard cover edition to give to my son for Christmas. Great job, Howey. Keep ’em coming!

  53. The hardbacks are awesome, the contest is way cool.

    But I’m most concerned about what I see in that photo. Hugh, seriously. I think you can afford a new desk. That one is looking ruff.

  54. 6! I bought the ebook from the Kindle Daily Deal and I haven’t shut up about it since :) Looking forward to reading your other work! Also I definitely agree about the desk. My first thought was, “oh the dog that did that should be ashamed”

  55. Hey Hugh, I do 5 of the things listed in the article. I also do a 6th one that is not on it. Helping to create future readers. My wife teaches English at our local High School. She has a bookshelf full of books the kids can borrow. I put a copy of the WOOL Omnibus on the shelf for her (it’s pretty popular too, I understand.), actually I am always looking at the bargain table at the bookstore for more books for the kids. You can tell a child or young adult about a good book, but actually putting it in their hands… now thats good reading. Is that sucking Clay

  56. Hey Hugh – thanks for the contest. I don’t do all of these as I am not cool enough to set up a facebook page or twitter. I prefer my social network within the silo and have no intention on leaving it electronically or otherwise. I have put reviews on Amazon and always ask people what they’re reading and share my favorites. Give me a 5. Best of luck finishing 2nd shift…looking forward to it.

  57. Thank you for mentioning the article on my blog ;)

    And congrats on your success – a great inspiration for all us indie authors!

    1. I think you’re getting a few hits, eh? ;)

      It was a wonderful guide. We ask a lot of readers to give up their time and dive into our stories, and we ask a lot of them to help spread the word. But there are plenty who are dying to help their favorite books succeed who don’t know how, and I think your guide provides a nice roadmap.

      1. My blog already has double the hits it had at this time last month ;)

        There are some wonderful fans – and, as my work appeals to both children and adults, I get some wonderful comments from children (usually through their mothers) ;)

        I’ve just followed you on twitter ;) I’ll do the same on facebook later.

  58. Nine. Finally posted my review of the Omnibus, then rushed to the fridge to get an insulin shot. The review was so syrupy sick and suck uppy that I felt it was prudent.
    The worst thing about the review was that it was 100% true.. And to top it all off, I just finished designing a work of art to commemorate the Wool series. Touche kissing at it’s best. Receiving a hard back copy (signed of course) would move this art project to the TOP of my list of “stuff to create”. The ball is in your court Hugh. Pass it to me!

  59. I’ve done 4, which may not seem like much, but considering I just began reading your work 2 days ago, I’ll take it. I’ve told everyone I work with about WOOL and I, zombie. Can’t wait to read the rest of your stuff!

  60. To be honest I have done 6. I found out about WOOL from a coworker of mine and I read it immediately. I work at a bookstore and I am always recommending it to my customers. In pretty much every instance, those who have read it come back to me and tell me how much they like the book. I just downloaded “I, Zombie” and I am very excited to get started on that. Keep up the good work Hugh! I read a lot and it is not often that I get excited about EVERYTHING a single author puts out.

  61. 8. I actually do five (likes, tags, online and offline recommendations, and writing reviews) on a regular basis.

    Do I get any sucking up points for having written reviews not just about Wool, but for Wool fan-fic as well? :)

  62. 5
    My very first amazon review I ever wrote was on wool. I was just browsing amazon that fateful day looking for something good to read in sci fiction. I saw and read all the reviews about wool omnibus and decided for the price how could i go wrong?

  63. So I would say I have done about 7. I have liked many things to help authors on social media, reposting on social media, I have added reviews to GoodReads, Amazon etc. I also let friends know when one the author/book goes onto pixel of ink to spread the word. I can name at least 5 (I am sure there are a few more I do not know about) people who downloaded the first Wool and then bought the rest because of me telling them about it.

  64. Shellee Smith-Masnado Avatar
    Shellee Smith-Masnado

    5! But this is only the beginning. Does our book club count as one as well? :)

  65. 6

    * Like on Amazon
    * Shared/Re-tweteed
    * Had books on wishlists many times
    * Voted on reviews
    * Recommended offline
    * Recommended online

    And I’m not going to include reviews, which I’ve done on Amazon only once, and that was to warn people to grab a preview of the book before buying (the book wasn’t exactly, well, good).

  66. Daniel Leon Hopkins Avatar
    Daniel Leon Hopkins

    4 for now, hopefully coming back with more, love you Hugh!

  67. Did 6 today, alone!!

  68. All right! I have thus far accomplished 2.5 of the things on the list(I wrote a blog post review on the Wool Omnibus, and included at the bottom that the Bern Saga is good too).

  69. Patricia Poulin Avatar

    I have 7. reviews for each of 5 installments, one for the omnibus and a “like”. Can’t wait to find out what is going on with Solo and the kids.

  70. I was able to take time, all 10 minutes, out of my busy day to do 7 of the 10 challenges. Win or not, I felt it was the least I could do for being able to read such an awesome book, Wool. Now on to Justin Cronin’s The Twelve while I wait for Second Shift to be released.

    1. Thanks, Joel. My hope is that this will inspire readers to do the same for other books they love. It really doesn’t take much time, and it does wonders for a book’s visibility.

  71. 2… I found you by accident via Wool on my Kindle and I LOVED it!!! I downloaded it and read nonstop and then told everyone about it. I’ll post more of the tasks on the list =) Keep writing!!

  72. I cannot wait to win or buy this hardback! It is always satisfying to hold a physical copy of the book in your hands! Plus, with a physical copy, none of my friends will have any excuses not to read it! And they damn well better read your books, they are amazing! Can’t wait for the 7th Wool as well!

    5 is my number of things I accomplished on the list!

  73. Well 1 right now but I did it about 20 times (number 7). This makes me feel out of touch with modern technology.

  74. 6…great idea

  75. I have never done any of those online things before…. I didn’t think it mattered. I will be doing more.

  76. 6 over here.

    1. Liana! You are a winner! Email me.

  77. 6-this is exciting

  78. Only 8…:( …so far!

  79. 6 for me… 4 of them were for Mr Howey… send me a book. ;)

  80. Five so far, but I have been very diligent about advertising Wool to those closest to me. I am also following you on facebook, twitter, youtube and here of course and I always give the silo series the highest possible score in every review :) do I stand a chance?

  81. I just happened upon your name and book, Hurricane in an Amazon email and purchased it. I’m so looking forward to reading your books. And, Hugh, I think there’s a chance we may be distantly related. My maternal grandfather’s name was Ray Howey and he
    lived in Balsam Lake Wis. His family originally was from Ohio and has been traced back to Scotland. Possible?

    1. My ancestors are from Scotland. I think it was originally the Howe clan. I’m not certain.

  82. 8 (because it’s great!)

  83. I’ve done 7 of those and something even better – I’ve bought extra copies to give as gifts.

    1. You WON!!! I’ll be in touch.

      1. (A paperback, I should add. But it’s still badass).

  84. 6 things. Does compulsively buying copies for people count for anything?

  85. 5

    I happened to do these before I even read that list! Loved the Wool books!

  86. 8 plus purchased Wool for others and write to Fox News.

  87. 5! All 5 were well deserved!

  88. 7! I’m glad and honored I did so =)

  89. 4. Thanks for the contest and for Wool.

    1. Just wanted to comment on the title. There’s the steel wool for cleaning, there’s having the wool pulled over their eyes, but when the sheriff is knitting, she is not using wool. It’s cotton. Maybe it’s because I’m a knitter who works with wool everyday, but that lonely little detail continues to give me the shivers for all of the loss it depicts.

  90. I had 7 but have recently read Wool 6 second shift and “liked” it and wrote a review. I have also recommended it to 2 friends and will be loaning it to one friend so I guess I have the maximum of 10. When will we be able to read Wool 7? I can’t wait.

  91. Wow that was fun. I cannot tell you how many people I have recommended your Silo books to since I first read the Omnibus, but your little challenge put a fun twist on it by playing the Amazon page puzzler (i completed 9). By the way, I recommend to you “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline for a look into another ‘twisted future’. Completely different from yours, nearly as fun (oops, does that count as 10) and something that I think you would get a kick out of. BTW: Loved, loved, loved “I, Zombie”. Totally Freaking Crazy!!!!!

    1. Idella, you WON! I’ll be in touch soon.

  92. Thanks for the guidance on how to promote science fictions authors chosen by me the reader. is helpful since it suggested that I purchase the Wool Omnibus when I bought Caliban’s War by a couple of authors I had met here at the Bubonicon convention in New Mexico. Just tried to buy a copy of the limited hardcover edition of Wool Omnibus and was disappointed but also happy for you to see that it has already sold out. Will you be selling signed copies of the hardcover edition on your website? You can give me a “7” for my first ever efforts to promote your work!

  93. 5 for me — thanks for the opportunity!

  94. 5!! As a former struggling writer who gave up on my craft, you’ve inspired me to start up again. The first Wool made me cry and I only cried after a book twice before: Diary of Anne Frank, and The Giver (I hardly ever read fiction.) A free hardcover would be an amazing Hanukkah gift. :) YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    1. Thanks, Meg! That’s amazing praise.

  95. Karin Lynch-Meyer Avatar
    Karin Lynch-Meyer

    Thanks to our bookclub friend, Shellie, our group received all your info and we’re reading your book for Dec. We so excited to be your 5th bookclub! We can’t wait for your visit via skype at our meeting 12/13! Thank-you so much for your personal video on your website receiving your first shipment of Wool from the UK and sharing with us opening your first new hard copy. One could almost feel and smell it when you turned the first page! How can anyone not purchase the hardcover of Wool after veiwing your video sharing how beautiful it is! Can’t wait to read it and reveiw the bookclub section in the back! Karin

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