WOOL Reenactment by NYU Students

Check this out. A group of students put together a reenactment of WOOL for a class project. They did a stellar job, I think.

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  1. Awesome, no disrepect to your audio book creators but this is how all audio books should be done, with a number of actors doing the different voices, adding sound effects. If all audio books were done like this, like old style radio shows, I would have one heck of an audiobook collection. Currently i own about 7, and three of those are the three parts of the wool trilogy, lol.
    Maybe you should hire these guys Hugh? You helped change publishing, change the audio book market next. Give them a shot with your next short story…..

    1. I always thought audiobooks had sound effects…until I actually listened to one. Wasn’t what I expected.

      Like Johnmonk noted, sound effects and different actors voicing the characters add a sense of realism to the work. Some say that they’re distractions, but I say otherwise.

      As for this piece, it’s pretty good. My only gripe is that the dialogue is too…staged (I think). It doesn’t come off as natural, at least not to me. Beyond that, this is well done.

    2. That’d be awesome, but you’d have to rewrite a bit of the book. Get rid of all the “he saids” and “she saids.”

  2. **CLAPPING**
    Fantastic rendition. I was extremely impressed with both vocal qualities as well as the sound engineering.

  3. I recommend looking up the podcast story “We’re Alive”. Its done just like this, like the old radio shows. It’s a zombie apocalypse story and is exceptionally well done. All audio books should be done this way!

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