Yay! We’re getting spambots!

Is it a sign of Molly’s rise to stardom? Or is it the inevitable fate of any WordPress site that tries to make the site friendly to commenters?


We get one or two of these comments a day with links to pharmaceuticals and Nigerians in dire straits. So, I’m gonna try a new system whereby I approve your comment before it goes up. Once you’ve had one comment approved, the rest should go up automatically.

I think this is still better than making you guys log on to comment, even though you really only have to do that once, and the site remembers you. Still, I think it makes it less likely for lurkers to start participating, so we’ll try this out for a while.

Carry on, both of you!

3 responses to “Yay! We’re getting spambots!”

  1. WOO HOO spambots!! you should be ecstatic!! LOL :)

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