Another tree from Graeme

Graeme Balchin, the Australian artist who painted the tree in the previous post, read a few of your comments and sent along another work of his that feels a bit “darker.” I think it address a few of the concerns readers had with the last image and it also, as he points out, gives me a better place for the title text. Let me know what you think:

Here’s a link to a larger image if you want to study it up-close.

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  1. Dagoba. I think Luke’s X-Wing is around somewhere…. :-) Seriously, it’s a beautiful image. If you write and give me some CLUE what the book is about, I really could offer more constructive feedback. Without knowing that, there’s no real way to know whether the artwork works with the story.

  2. This guy is an amazing artist! Wow! Hugh – you should add a link here to all of his artwork for us. In terms of “plot” – this is a young adult book with a much wider than YA audience appeal. The story is adventure, coming of age as a person and as a society, some philosophical underpinnings, and some dark questions about life, friendship, and morality. Think Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies with the potential for a little more introspection. What I love about the other picture are the stairs up and around the tree as alot of the story takes place in the canopies and boughs of enormous trees. I think that the parchment paper adds some age and revere to the cover. I like THIS cover because it is just beautiful and dark. I think the first probably hits a little closer to the feel and plot though.

  3. Here’s the link:

    I posted it in another comment thread. Don’t worry, once we finalize a cover, the guy’s work will get its own posts. But go check his galley out. His black-and-white stuff is awesome.

  4. On Earth? Or another planet? Future? Or undetermined time/place?

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