Here’s another idea…

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  1. Favorite. You must find a place for the three lines though. Those are good and punchy and will get readers achy to read the book. Also, I think it might be cool (if not overly distracting) to have a journal lock thing on the right side. It might not show the lock itself but perhaps the flat mechanism that would be on this side – in gold/brown tones maybe.

  2. Still very Hobbit-y, and we’re missing the element of technology and again, threat or danger. But where DID you get this tree? It’s awesome! And frankly, this is beautiful as a piece on its own.

  3. Sounds like we have impressed them a bit.
    I will send you an email with another one of my trees and see what they think. I feel it is more serious and a better painting, plus it allows some room to lay lettering into the actual image.

  4. The tree painting is from an artist named Graeme. Check out his stuff here:

    He and I have emailed back and forth about the possibility of using some of his work in and on the book.

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