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Chicago Meet-Up!

Thursday night at Emerald Loop, we’ll have a Meet-Up like no other. My erstwhile editor will be in attendance, as well as a few of my most vociferous readers, forum admins, and persons of other ill repute. If you’re close enough to make it, this is the one to stop by.

Check out the menu (mac and cheese! Fish and chips!). Here’s where we’ll be. Come by at 8:00 and stay until whenever. We’ll probably stroll around the corner to the site of ChiCon7 around 10:00 or so and do some people-watching. And if you’re gonna be at ChiCon, come to my panel at 6:00 (To Indie or Not to Indie). We can strut over to the Emerald Loop together and terrify the locals.

11 replies to “Chicago Meet-Up!”

Have fun everyone! I am so jealous; I checked out flying up and staying, but it was just a bit out of my reach. Hubby is tired of hearing me talk about it and said to just go. *sounding like Sheldon* I just said, “Noooo”. Hope to meet up with you all sometime soon.

Houston here. Like many others, I soaked up Wool, read them all back to back, sooo sad when I was done. Never been to Chicago but I’d like to come to the Hyde Park Jazz Fest, if not this year then next. I’ll look for you. You rock. What great “sci-fi”, when I’d almost lost hope. Thank you.

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