Molly Fyde

  • A Word with Molly and Wool Fans

    Ah, my faithful and impatient readers. A word, if I may. I have some disappointing news for you. The next Molly book won’t be out until the end of summer at the very earliest. I know this breaks the heart of my dearest sister and quite a few others, especially since the book has been… Continue reading

  • The Perfect Book to Steal

    My “other” little short story is free today and tomorrow. THE PLAGIARIST is about a young college English professor who spends his spare time jacked in to artificial worlds where he steals their literature. It was written for a science fiction class I was taking at the time, and the main character is my loving… Continue reading

  • The Double-Bounce of Boing Boing

    I had a huge break last Friday when Boing Boing reviewed the Wool series. The Omnibus Edition raced up to the top of science fiction (yeah, it hit #1, marching past George R.R. Martin who shouldn’t even be on that list!). It has now spent four days in the top 100 of the entire Kindle… Continue reading

  • The book nobody wants to read.

    That’s right, I’m working on my memoirs. Why? I have no idea. It starts with a “Prelude,” which was the name of the yacht I was working on at the time. This is the first time I’ve set down the details of this particular day. I’m copying and pasting what I just wrote because I’m… Continue reading

  • Molly Fyde and the Darkness Deep

    Mr. Howey, I just finished Molly book four and decided I needed to run through a chunk of your website, just to see what’s going on. I didn’t read in depth, just really browsed, but the Darkness Deep thing snagged me hard… more Molly, but so little information on it–none as far as I can… Continue reading