Check this out.

Not a silo, but an inverse-pyramid. Are they really going to build this thing? Looks amazing.

Two videos my wife found. Sorry for how they overlap the side panel:

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  1. That’s pretty cool. As an engineer in training many moons ago, I used to work for the government near Washington DC. We would use defunct underground missile sites for storage.
    It was pretty wild, they would have these fenced off areas buried in neighborhoods all around the DC area, which used to house missiles launch pads. In the event of an attack on DC, these monstrous bay doors would open, and a platform would raise out of the ground with a multitude of missiles, ready to shoot down any of those darn Commies flying overhead.

  2. That would be an incredible structure if they carried through with it. Interesting how they have the garden level (farm?) every 10 levels.  And it almost looks like there may be a reservoir at the very bottom. I wonder which level IT is on? ;-)

    Interesting videos – I almost expected to see Juliette swimming around in a cleaning suit at the end of the first one.   The website that the silo owner mentioned in the second video (, was disappointing.  I was all ready to pack up the fam and move underground, but no such luck!

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