Critters Writers Poll

*UPDATED* Guess what? You can vote once per day! Yeah, and there’s only three days left to vote, so I really need the help! Call everyone you know! Email people randomly! This is going to be a historic last-minute rally, one they’ll talk about for ages and ages!!

In case you haven’t heard, Molly Fyde is up against some other books at this poll. It’s on Critters Writers, a writing workshop site for science fiction/fantasy/horror. In 24 hours, Molly Fyde has rocketed from nomination to 4th. And there’s probably 100 or more entries.

I would love to win this thing now that we’re so close. So, go and vote. And tell a friend or two. It’s a painless process; all you have to do is enter a name, a valid email address, fill out the “are you human” boxes, and click “vote.” The website will send an automated email. Just click on the link inside.

Presto. Less than a minute and you’ve made an author happy.

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