The most awesomest of news…

The final proof copy arrived today! It is GORGEOUS. Absolutely stunning. The interior is perfect, the spine is wondermous, the back is to die for. I’m thrilled with this book. I think you guys are going to be uber-delighted.

So, what’s next? Well, I placed a big order just moments ago. 168 copies of Land of Light are on their way. (That’s 7 cartons of 24 each, not just some random number). About half these are already spoken for, so if you want one of these books in the next two weeks or so, get your order in now. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting another week at least before you get your copy.

Here’s where you learn a little about how the big publishing houses work, and how my process is different. Normally, you see, these initial books wouldn’t be meant for readers. I would order fifty copies or so and send them out to reviewers. The publication date would still be six months off. While I’m waiting on advance reviews for promotional purposes, the book would go through distribution channels for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingrams, Baker and Taylor, etc…

I’m sorry, but I can’t wait six months for you guys to see what happens next to Molly and company. You’ll be getting your copies just as quick as the reviewers. Some of you are already reading the book digitally! That means you’ll be finishing the book before it’s even available on Amazon (probably) and Barnes and Noble (most likely). I kinda like it that way. A bonus for being an insider. For frequenting my site (and Facebook and Twitter).

When will you get your books? I’m hoping I have this initial batch by the 15th or 16th. The following Monday is a holiday, so my best guess is that Land of Light will be showing up on your doorsteps around the 20th – 22nd. It could be a day or two sooner, if all the stars align.

That’s about ten days earlier than my most ambitious plan of February 1st. And probably a full month before people will see it reviewed and available elsewhere. Pretty awesome, right?

Speaking of awesome … check out my new shirt:

My friend and massive Molly Fyde fan Sherri Clark made these. Admit it. You want one.

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  1. Thank you, Sherri! Now I have GOT to get me one of those!!!

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