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One of the first people (outside of my family) to read my manuscript was a creature I only knew as “Lizard” via the DreaminDemon forums. She heard I’d written a book. I heard back that she was an editor. She got a copy of the rough draft. I got back a work with a higher word-count in the margin than the body.

Turned out, I didn’t really know how to write. Not properly, anyway.

Over the next few weeks, I worked on the second book while Lisa made suggestions in the first one. I would bribe her with a chapter from 2 and she would show me how awful 1 was. I would call her and tell her I sucked at writing and she would listen patiently and then agree.

But politely.

It’s a shame she doesn’t know how the entire trilogy goes, because “Full Circle” is the best way to describe it. I even changed the section break symbols from asterisks to Omegas, just to eventually highlight this theme.

So, here we are. Full Circle. My book is newly released and my original editor has written a review of the final copy. If you feel like reading it, go check it out here:

I’m still working up the courage.

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I thank you, Hugh, for suggesting I had so much power, but I beg to differ. The word count in the margins were only a reflection of my belief that THIS story needed to be told and that you were pulling your punches and not recognizing your own strengths (and sometimes, your “strengths” are the people who know you and want you to succeed). It turns out I was right. I was not the only one believing in you, and you have writing skills you did not see within yourself those so-few-short weeks ago. I hope you see them now. I saw them from Day 1, as did those who are closest to you.

You can call me “polite,” but what you should understand is that I am “in awe.” You can tell a story, Hugh Howey. And any person on this planet who can help you get that story out will feel just as I do. Grammar is easy. Punctuation just takes practice. A good story, however, takes something special.

Hail, Hugh Howey. It’s an honor to know you, sir. And I am honored.

Dammit, Hugh! I’m an editor. I *know* that sentence #2 should have read, “The word count…WAS…” but sometimes you just leave me tongue-tied and ineffective.

Hail, Hugh Howey. And kudos to Amber and Jolie, because god knows, they deserve them, too.

BTW, I recommend you take the hyphen out of the title. Just leave a space between the two words.

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