I’m thinking this is it, folks.

And here’s the full spread.

3 responses to “I’m thinking this is it, folks.”

  1. I just reread the copy on the back. “They woke us 15 years too early.” But nowhere does the cover state that the “us” are children/teens. I know the legs look young, but then, I think the legs look like a dead body, so I wouldn’t take my cues there. LOL. Is there any way to slip in a mention of the age/youth of the protagonists?

    Last comment, I promise. :-)

  2. Hmmm. Good question. Maybe on the summary page inside the cover? I’m hoping I can get people to pick up the book and explore it some. Unanswered questions are fine by me, as long as it makes people hunt a bit for them.

  3. OK, I’m swayed. A fan of the legs I have become. Plus I think it goes great with the text on the back. If I read that in a store I would for sure pick it up. Can’t wait to check it out!

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