Kimber An’s First Book!

Kimber An is the awesome book reviewer/blogger behind Enduring Romance, a site that reviewed the first Molly book and Half Way Home very favorably. I haven’t read Sugar Rush yet, but if it’s anything like her awesome reviews, it needs to be checked out.

A huge congrats to Kimber. Like me, she found the act of reviewing extremely helpful as a transition to writing and publication. I know she’s written three or four books, and am glad to see her break through.

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  1. Thanks so much! It’s really dizzying and my conscious mind still isn’t entirely convinced it’s real. Posts like this helps it sink in though. Hey, my daughter read Molly Fyde and loved it too. She’s a member of the target readership. It’s really handy to have her around to ask if something I write is lame. Sugar Rush is a YA Paranormal with strong romantic elements, so everybody watch out for the mushy stuff if you read it!

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