Wrapping up the Bern Saga

Wowsers. It’s done. I’m through. The fourth Molly book, the final entry in the Bern Saga, is off to the presses. This has been the most unreal challenge I’ve ever tackled as a writer, and I can’t believe how satisfied (overjoyed, even) I am with the results. This is easily the best Molly book of the series.

It’s hard to convey what went into this book. There’s about 1,000 pages of prior material, all of which had to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. There was a boatload of foreshadowing to bring together. There was this challenge of telling four major back-stories (and three minor ones), all of which had to have a common theme, all of which had to be as interesting as the main plot, all of which had to explain how the character became who they are, and all of which had to have parallels between other main characters.

There were over 50 chapters to juggle. There were characters whose time had come. It all had to go together like a jigsaw puzzle, but be as emotionally pleasing as an unbroken canvas. Above all … I had to be satisfied with it.

And I am. More than that, I’m amazed by it. I can’t wait for readers to get it in their hands. This book doesn’t just wrap the series up, it propels it to new heights.

And now, I get some well-deserved rest. No writing for me, not for some time. In fact, I have three whole days to not write before NaNoWriMo begins. What to do with that time? Hmmm… Maybe I’ll do a bit of outlining, just to keep my fingers limber.

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