Legacy is Go for Launch.

I’ll have a few more tweaks to add over the next few days, but the book is pretty much wrapped. And I don’t hate it.

The physical copy is laid out and will go to proof soon. I’ll put up a pre-order page in the next day or two in order to gauge how many to order for the initial batch. My guess is that the physical book will be available a week after the e-book comes out, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. Modern print-on-demand is a marvelous tool for publishers (and a boon to readers while being better for the environment).

So, that’s it. Won’t be long before you find out who built those crazy silos and how the world went to hell.

7 responses to “Legacy is Go for Launch.”

  1. I feel like a kid at Christmas!!!

  2. Man, I hope it lives up to a quarter of the expectations!

  3. I’ve concluded you type at 200 wpm and never sleep!

    When you’ve read a scifi that grabs you like the first time you read a Heinlein or a Bradbury or a Sturgeon…well, what else is there to add…you just want MORE, MORE, MORE

  4. I just finished reading the Wool Omnibus, can’t wait to read the next one! Thanks for making your books available on Kindle, keep up the great work.

  5. mhahahahhahah…. yep, gonna have to buy the print version too – Randy’s gonna need his own copy.

  6. Thanks Pat and Jason! It feels amazing to have happy readers. :D

  7. I’m following two post-apocalyptic countdowns right now… for Wool 6 and Wasteland 2 (a game)… and both will end in a few days. Weird. But I can’t wait!

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