Tune in Tonight!

I’ll be on Greeneville Media’s Internet Radio station tonight doing a bit of an interview. If you want to listen live, tune in at 10:00 EST: http://www.greenevillemedia.com/radio.html

Call with your questions. It would be great to hear from some of the regulars: 1 (877) 217-3932

11 responses to “Tune in Tonight!”

  1. Good luck tonight! Unfortunately I will be in ZZZZ land at 10 PM. Sorry I am such an old fart.

  2. I woke up extra early so I could listen! yaaaay!!!

    1. Ha! It’s TOMORROW where you are. The interview won’t have happened yet! The universe is gonna implode!!

  3. Win: I’m usually asleep by 9:30, so it might just be him talking and me snoring tonight.

  4. XD

    Well, anyway… I am enjoying this non-existent interview…

  5. He he he! Just listened to the broadcast.

    If you didn’t listen, all I’ll say is “I’ve got a secret!” ;-)

    Thanks, Hugh

    1. Thank YOU, Rrusty. I appreciate you listening in. ;)

  6. I know the secret too!

  7. Definitely do this again sometime Hugh, we’ve been busy with Tornados around here so didn’t get to listen in, but would enjoy checking this out next time!

  8. Bob, you can listen to the show through the sites archives

  9. kitten, you rock! will do!

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