You know what’s cool?

I couldn’t name a single cover artist from any of the books I’ve read. Not one. And I love me some good cover art.

But I have a feeling there’s at least a dozen people out there who now know who Mike Tabor is, and Mike isn’t even a professional cover artist!

I’m not sure what my point is, or why I think this is cool. For the past few weeks, I’ve just really been digging the communal nature of this next release. I’m a lot less terrified because of it.

Okay, that’s all. Carry on.

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  1. We all know First Shift is gonna be awesome! Don’t we fellow Silo denizens? Thank you for including us all in this incredible journey! I’m especially thrilled. I know a little bit about the joy you expressed on your video blog, and I owe that to you. Thank you Hugh.

  2. We all love being a part of it! I love Mike’s cover art. I love Andy and Tongjai’s story and your dedication to them. I love this forum. And, most of all, I love your enthusiasm for and openness to your craft and your fans. You know that overused expression, “It’s all good?” Well, it is. It really, really is.

  3. Amen Hugh! You are doing something very unique, you have given all of us some role to play, some stake in you dreams. That’s remarkable buddy, and something all of us are grateful for!

  4. Kitten - not logged in Avatar
    Kitten – not logged in

    What Bob said… Couldn’t word it better if I tried!

  5. I can’t log in? There’s no option. *Confused and afraid*

    *ahem* If you happen to have the I Zombie cover, I’d really like to see what Mike (who apparently shares a name with another kick-ass artist) could do with my version. Not that I don’t like mine, but I’m 99.99999 percent sure he could change it from good to bloody awesome.

    1. Tiamat: I’ll ask Mike if he feels like dabbling with I, ZOMBIE. Do you have original .psd files?

      The current cover is a cool collaboration between three or four people. You are sweet and generous to suggest doing the same with the next book. :)

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