More cover designs!

To celebrate the 4th of July, I bring fireworks: an explosive quartet of cover designs. Feast on them and give me some feedback. I’m off to create a run without Cole (and don’t fret on me being distracted from my writing… book two is almost wrapped up and three is outlined. I have plenty of time to waste on Photoshop)

16 responses to “More cover designs!”

  1. I vote for number 1 or 2. I like the background being more brick red than pink. The whole thing looks more cohesive and less “girly”. I can’t

  2. decide if I like better the reflection on the title or the title without the reflection.

  3. I think Cole looks to be around 18 or 19 in that top one.

  4. I don’t like the new font as much. Hugh, Cole has the slightest bit of darkness under his eye–can you Photoshop it out? It may make him look a bit younger.

  5. I don’t think I’m crazy about the title/name being shadowed, either. Too many layers.

  6. I like Cole *in* the pic. Colorwise, I’m leaning toward the last, which has relatively little “pinkish” colors.

  7. Thanks Lisa. I’ll do another version tomorrow morning with your suggestions taken into account. Blue image/Cole/No Font Reflection/Shadow Under Eye.

    I like the new font because it works for all three elements. Fortuitously, one feature of the font is the capital “P” and “R” having the notch. And my subtitle just happens to start with those two letters. Too good not to use. It’s strong, I like the “E” and “G”, and it looks sci-fi and clean at the same time.

  8. I may be in the minority, but the font looks a little too “gimmicky” for me. It reminds me of the Star Wars font, and the fact that it is so unusual detracts (IMHO) from the actual image.

  9. Okay – I think I’ve decided that I like the reflection on the author’s name but not on the title.

  10. Lane L. Stephens Avatar
    Lane L. Stephens

    Hello Hugh; I’m liking these better with the stronger typeface, subdued color & without “Cole’s” face, but title now reads ‘Molly and the Fyde’. The character’s name should be 1 cohesive graphic unit, then underscore, then subtitle. I think you’re on the right track! Possible to take the blue out of the hand so it’s more flesh toned?

  11. Ok – I personally like the blue… I think the pink/red is just too much… I just read what you wrote back to my other comment on the 5th-to-last-cover… The guy does not look 17 – you have to even that out – or my suggestion… id just to have his hand on her shoulder – maybe a little bolder than her image is(kind of like her hand)?? I like what you have done with her image, but whatever that splat on her nose is in the top ones… no! makes you focus there! I REALLY like the blue better! – you get to see more of the space… Also – i agree with other comments on the title – it does now look like Molly and the Fyde! :)

  12. I really like the shadow removed from under Cole’s eye. I prefer the covers with all shaded/see through writing or all solid writing – I don’t care for the mix as much. I lean toward the bluish background and the brick red but not the pink. I also like the one’s where you removed some of the stars from Molly’s face, including the swirl thing that was over her nose. Right now, the first and second images as well as the bluish image with Molly and Cole and the one with just Molly are my favorites.

  13. Okay – here’s what I’m thinking. I think I lean toward the blue background for overall appeal but something about that background makes the planet look like a shiny marble to me. Whereas the brick red background makes the planet look like a planet to me (because it is color consistent with the background). Anyone else running into this?

  14. i like the first and last of the first group. i am not sure if i like the shadow on the title, but i do like seeing your full name with the c included. not sure if you could shadow one and not the other. i also agree that too pink is not good i actually like the bluer ones, they just make me think of space. looks like you do have a lot of time on your hands to play around though.

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