Morality: objective or subjective?

This is a question that Molly wrestled with throughout her upcoming life. It’s fascinating to me that she toyed with the idea of an objective moral truth at such a young age, before her travels and adventures. What’s really interesting, however, is the way she cycled through various stances. She didn’t settle on one truth and watch it harden though experience. Instead, going by her journal entries and observations from others, it seems as if she possessed a naive view of morality early on, had it shaken by experience, only to return to her previous stance, slightly modified, as she grew up.

It will be a difficult transformation to capture in her saga, so I hope to explore it further here on the website. I’m working on transcribing one of her philosophy papers from The Reader into my own computer so I can put excerpts up here. Until then, I would love to hear your opinions on the same question. If you have a short quip, leave a comment, no sign-up required. If you’d like to expound further, follow the link at the bottom into the forums and hash out your ideas. I’d love to discuss this vexing problem in detail.

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