More of a whimsical idea

7 responses to “More of a whimsical idea”

  1. I *really* like this, but it doesn’t really go with a book narrated by a psychologist. Also, I think there needs to be some element that suggests threat or danger.

  2. Good points. I have a mock-up forthcoming that you might really like. I’m talking with the artist to see if they’d like to have their work used. Stay tuned…

  3. And actually, I’m totally digging the image on this. I think the font is a bit off, though, and maybe some of the trees and the color scheme could be “altered” to communicate threat. (Just throwing stuff out there.)

  4. I should rotate the “planet” so the character is on the front cover, rather than the spine.

  5. I love this design/image, but since I don’t know what the story is about, I’m at a disadvantage. Go with whatever Lisa says. She’s always right. Isn’t she??

  6. One of the branches could gradually “morph” into a scary silhouette with serrated teeth (danger + technology). I don’t think the cover should suggest that we’re talking about a bunch of people who grew up in burrows and chant to the Earth Mother or something.

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