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More of a whimsical idea

7 replies to “More of a whimsical idea”

I *really* like this, but it doesn’t really go with a book narrated by a psychologist. Also, I think there needs to be some element that suggests threat or danger.

And actually, I’m totally digging the image on this. I think the font is a bit off, though, and maybe some of the trees and the color scheme could be “altered” to communicate threat. (Just throwing stuff out there.)

I love this design/image, but since I don’t know what the story is about, I’m at a disadvantage. Go with whatever Lisa says. She’s always right. Isn’t she??

One of the branches could gradually “morph” into a scary silhouette with serrated teeth (danger + technology). I don’t think the cover should suggest that we’re talking about a bunch of people who grew up in burrows and chant to the Earth Mother or something.

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