More Thumb Drives!

Okay! Uncle! I give!

I’ve had a slew of emails about the thumb drives, which sold out recently. There was such a run on these last week that I only had a handful to take with me to Tampa Comic Con (I kept them under the table and only whipped them out for those in the know who brought them up). I still have a handful left to take to WorldCon, but I just broke down and ordered another batch. The link on the sidebar is now working again. I set the inventory to 350, and these will have a bonus file on them. It’s the issue of Lightspeed magazine that contains my short story DEEP BLOOD KETTLE (and other awesome stories). John Joseph Adams gave me permission to toss it in there. I think he wants you to get hooked on the finest science fiction ‘zine on the market.

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  1. $15 to ship one to Australia? Whhhhhy??? Insert sad face. I will happily pay you an extra $15 for the product, but all that money just for shipping? Say it isn’t so!

    1. I know. The USPS practically DOUBLED international shipping rates this year. Maybe I can bring some to AU when I visit next.

      1. It sucks that I will pay $30+ for the wonder of your works and that fantastic USB drive* but you will not see a large portion of that.

        Thanks for making these available!

        * it turns out that, for all my protestations, I will in fact fork out for the ridiculous postage.

        1. If I could beam it to you, I would!

      2. When will you be next in aus Hugh?

      3. I guess I’m a big enough fan that shipping rates to Australia didn’t faze me. :-)

        1. I don’t think being a bigger fan has anything to do with it, some people just don’t have the extra money

  2. I love the USB drive idea. From where are you ordering the drives?

    1. From shawn [at]

  3. Almost done with Wool. Downloaded an epub version, but believe in value for value so ordered the USB Silo Saga. Thanks for what you do, and keep up the good work!


  4. My USB drive just arrived. I plugged it into the USB port on my laptop and there was a bunch of weird C.I.A. stuff stored on it? Folders upon folders of documents that mostly seem to be concerned about a few locations in Arizona, namely, “Dreamland”, and “Area 54”? Is this on purpose? Did I get a bonus joke drive?

    Meh. Just joking around…Or am I??? Yes, I am.

    1. Great story idea, Daniel! Run with it!

    2. Yes. And does anyone know the best place to get a coffee in this airport? I can’t read Russian.

  5. I ordered mine on 8/20/2013. Any hints on when it might be shipped?

    Thank you

    1. They went out that Friday. If it isn’t there today or tomorrow, let me know.

      1. Got it today. Thank you.
        I’d forgotten it was coming from FL. For whatever reason, takes ages for mail to get to NJ from FL.

  6. Such a groovy, unique idea to offer these – I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  7. Worked beautifully on the Win7 machine at work (shhhhhhh…don’t tell!) and my Paperwhite.

    I *finally* understand the Chapter 13 deal now. The “old” version of the Omnibus (yellow cover, still loaded on 2 other Kindles) shows the original chapters for each individual book, so Book 2 was numbered 1-9. I remember checking the first time the extra chapter was mentioned & knew I was somehow being dull-witted but it just never occurred to me that the chapter numbers would be revised in the new edition. Duh. :-)

    Total re-read scheduled soon!

  8. Are there any conspicuous differences between first and second USB-drives?


    1. Nope. Same thing. There’s one extra file on there, but it’s just a Lightspeed magazine that you can get elsewhere.

  9. I ordered one on the 27th and still haven’t received it. Any idea what happened?

    1. I’ll look into this. It could have been lost in the mail, or it could have been on the cusp of me running out of the last batch. I had a flood of orders, and the new drives aren’t in yet.

      Email me if you can.

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