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Kansas City and BBQ!

Tonight’s book event is at Rainy Day Books in Kansas City. The event is at 7:00. I’m going to grab some BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s at 5:30 before the event if anyone wants to meet up there.

Also: Today is my anniversary AMA on Reddit. One year to the day since the last one. Not that there’s much to report.

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Its the original location at 47th & Mission Rd. Only about 4 blocks from the bookstore, so easy commute to the main event.


Wish that I could. I live and work in Tulsa and if I had seen this sooner I might have made the trip, but my boss might not like me walking out in the middle of my shift to drive to Kansas City to meet you. Now, why didn’t you stop in Tulsa? It’s right between Austin and Kansas City. We have Oklahoma Joe’s too. Think about that next time.

Not driving to KC to meet you, so I’ll just wait for you to come to me. Oh, I’m in Denver, and will be meeting you in a few days! Bring some KC BBQ with you though. YUM!

UPS just dropped off the Wool hardcover I ordered via the local Barnes & Noble. Beautiful looking book!

Bummed. I just finished Wool and thought I would check out your website. I live in KC and am incredibly bummed to see you were here last night. Wish i had known. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to Shift.

Of course I see this 3 days AFTER you are in my area! Bleh. I really hope you enjoyed your stay here in KC! BTW, just finished Second Shift! Epic!

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