A “Mighty” big thank-you to the WIXE team

What a wonderful experience! The team at 1190 AM (The “Mighty” WIXE) had me on their “Talk of the Town” show this morning. I’d like to thank Shane and J.J. for making me feel at home and putting on a wonderful show.

Here’s how it went down: our great family friend, Marion Holloway, met my father and I at his music store (Holloway Music) in Monroe. We drove across town to WIXE and he introduced me to the staff there.

Right off the bat, I was a bit overwhelmed. Gracing their front desk was three awards they’d just won, and Archie, the station manager, humbly informed me that they were the first station in the country to hold all three at once!

“But you guys just broadcast to Monroe, right?” I asked, swallowing loudly.

“We cover nine counties,” someone said, I’m not sure who. (My vision was a bit blurry at that point and I really wanted to find out where the bathroom was). Then I found out the receptionist had read some of my short stories on this very website and that Shane interviews Dean Koontz on a regular basis.

I was really setting myself up for some spectacular failage.

A nice gentleman went in before me, dressed up in a tie and making me feel like a slob. I chatted with Stacy about her kids, whether or not her ten-year-old could read the book (she can), and how she planned on stealing the station copy before the boys ruined them (she’s gonna LOVE Molly).

Then it was my turn. The guys chatted with me a bit as I got comfy in front of the mic. A commercial played in the background, a jingle for something we all really need two of (plus shipping and handling). The next thing I know, I’m just chatting with two nice guys, like nobody is listening in. Both of them are big readers and looked forward to digging into Molly’s story. In fact, J.J. and I both rank “Ender’s Game” as one of our top books of all-time.

After much consternation, the only problem turned out to be the length! I could have sat with them for the rest of the day, chatting with callers trying to sell their Chevy’s on the next segment, and discussing the Panthers dismal opener after lunch. I can’t wait for them to read the book and have me call in to hear their opinion. And I’ll certainly be back for the launch of book two! (If they’ll have me)

Thanks a ton, WIXE. I had a great time.

3 responses to “A “Mighty” big thank-you to the WIXE team”

  1. What a great situation! I hate that I couldn’t hear it live. Tried to listen via internet radio, but it was a no go. Hopefully they will post the interview on their website soon! Good luck with the signings tomorrow…I’m there is spirit!

  2. Stacey Polk (WIXE) Avatar
    Stacey Polk (WIXE)

    You were right I love Molly and the book is great so far. Just wish I had a little more time to spend reading it. But I’m loving and my daughter is excited to get to read it once I’m done. Thanks for being a great interview as well…..

  3. Thank you, Stacey. I can’t wait to come back and visit for book two.

    Has Shane or J.J. cracked a copy open yet?

    Oh, and would it be okay to post a video of the interview? My dad caught some of it on camera. If it violates any copyright or anything, I’m cool with that.

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